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“The Bedroom Talk” - For Seniors

Today we'll touch on a subject that is not talked about often. We've all seen a few TV commercials where the aged parents are in the kitchen – son enters and asks if he can go out that night. They tell him he can stay out all night. Much to the chagrin of the teenager, he has a happy face but is unaware of the actual motivation of his parent's eagerness to get him out of the house...

There is another commercial featuring a teenager who is practicing playing guitar with his new electric amplifier. Dad enters the room, kid thinks he is going to complain about the noise... Only to have dad turn UP the volume. Again we are left looking at the face of a flabbergasted teenager...

The video example below is a third commercial when the dad gives the kid headphones... I won't say exactly hat happens you'll have to watch it:

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That's right folks, we're talking about erectile dysfunction treatments. The subject is still taboo but clever marketing people have created these three examples of talking about male sexual problems in public. It is time for a couple to have the talk if the sex life is suffering. Medications can be very expensive, that's not a secret either. Let's present a safe alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction called Vacuum Therapy.

40 percent of men at the age 40 will have this problem. Since it;s so common, there is no reason to live in silence anymore. Treatment options are available online. Thank goodness for the world of the internet! Even though this issue can be easily self-diagnosed,. It is something that should still have a professional medical opinion since it may be a precursor to other health issues that are currently not noticeable.

Common causes of male dysfunction:

Circulatory problems:
Poor blood flow in the body is a main cause of ED. Looking at the exact definition of ed which states “An erection problem is when a man cannot get or keep an erection that is firm enough to have intercourse. You may be unable to get an erection at all. Or, you may lose the erection during intercourse before you are ready. If the condition continues, it is called erectile dysfunction.”
 - Source: National Library of Medicine

Knowing that an erection is caused by fluid flowing into tissue, it makes sense to relate poor circulation to erectile dysfunction.

When a person is depressed, hormone levels in the body are “out of whack”. Thyroid troubles and anxiety are powerful enough to have the effect on the opposite side of the body and sexual dysfunction can come to interrupt your life quite easily.

ED is commonly a side effect of prostate cancer. Especially after surgery, many men are unable to become erect simply because of the surgery removing the gland. Vacuum therapy is a very common step for men who have undergone prostate cancer treatments.

Peyronie's disease:
The curvature of a penis can restrict the flow and function inside the penile tissues. Vacuum therapy can also straighten the penis tissue by pulling with vacuum pressure. The appendage can strength slightly and the tissue can adjust when the force of air is removed from the penis pump cylinder.

Alcoholism & Smoking:
Both these interrupt blood circulation by constricting blood vessels. If the situation is very severe, it can be irreversible in some men. Lifestyle factors are also a major contributing factor and since American men are known to have less-than-healthy lifestyles, it is possible for Ed to occur simply because of self inflicted reasons. As if you need another reason to quit smoking or exercise more, but it is true these factors will influence bedroom performance!

The treatment for sexual dysfunction is easy to obtain in out society. Before you reach for medications or a penis pump, take a look at the reason why ED happened in the first place. Perhaps one should have a medical checkup first since heart disease is usually hidden underneath sexual dysfunction. It is a symptom, like a red flashing light that should not be ignored. Even though penis pumps can be purchased from stores like, men should still know the real reason erectile dysfunction is happening. It can save your life so even though this appointment can seem embarrassing, taking the time to talk to a professional is completely worth it.

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