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The Author

My name is Nova Hedges and I am the owner of this blog. I started blogging since 2004, when a very good friend of mine encourages me to create a blog in order  to update other’s life via personal blog. We are friends since High School and still friends until we graduated from College, married and now living in different countries.

I was motivated to continue blogging since we will be able to read each other's updates in any time of the day. We have separate lives now however; our friendship remains as strong as a steel.

A new chapter of my life started and cherished the past and live in the present, therefore there will be a new story to begin the day I moved in here in the US of A.

I would like to share through this blog some exciting moments, memories, travels, product reviews, paid task, experiences about life, DIY, stances, or just purely anything that involves my life, our lives.

As mentioned above my blog also verbalizes for the Products I honestly reviewed without any biased, advertisement products that I allows as well as aiming to share the familiarity I have with the business that I came across.

I ensure you will have a good time reading my post, at the same time you’ll be able to learn something based on the products I reviewed. And a great way around for you to be familiar with me.

I do hope that every time you passed by in my page you'll come to an end it up gaining a smile on your face.

Thank you once again and hope that you'll always have a great day!

For my product review:
A Blogger's Product Review is another way to promote business, companies, or a store.

1. Please know that I must have them in my possession before I can review them. I do not review items that need to be returned.

2. Once I received the item, please allow me two to three weeks to try the product before I post the review. Alternatively, earlier than that, depends on the type of item I received.

3. My product review includes the homepage link to the company, another link to the product I received, and other links to the company's social media networks. I will also share photos of the product, me, and or my family using the product.

4. My reviews are honest, fair, and free of charge and I promised to make it worth your time, effort, and money.

5. I will only review items that are family-friendly, and something that is worth sharing with my family, friends, blog followers, readers, and visitors.

6. Once I have my product review up, it will be shared on all of my social media networks- Facebook accounts and Fan Pages, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

 To host a giveaway:
- Please describe to me what is being offered and any terms you may have regarding the giveaway and entry requirements. I will not be responsible for shipping prizes to the winners. I will forward the winner’s information to you so that you can ship the product directly.
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