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Frewsburg Pack Meals for the Kids…


We got a phone call last Sunday of March 15, 2020, about the BIG changes that are going to happen for the rest of the school year 2019-2020. Globally, the Pandemic arises and our country would like to prevent the certain spreading of the CoVid-19 Virus increasing like a wildfire.  

After that phone call from the parents through the school, my co-workers received a phone call from the Superintendent. This message is only for employees and what we need to do. Monday the next day, we (cafeteria) came to see our supervisor for further notice/information about the changes.

To help out with those people who don’t have enough meals for their kids during the school year, the school decided to continue serving them meals, ALL Frewsburg Students. Then, later on, it changes to all kids who are now being given meals every day.

At first, we came certain hours and worked on a certain time we should be working every day. As for me, since I only worked 3 hours every day, I get to leave early. Then, they still noticed there were still a lot of employees on the campus, and we practiced social distancing too. Mind you, you really can’t exercise Social Distancing when there are more than 10 people works in the cafeteria and kitchen.

From there, they have given us another schedule in which there will only be 9 staff working for the meals. And limited our days to come to school, the current plan is to prepared 3 meals for each kid, meaning 3-breakfast and 3 lunches in 1 big bag. So, kids can come to the designated places only twice a week, and as for us (workers), it will be a limited time of exposure to others.

I get so paranoid with this Pandemic, that whenever I get out of the house. Yet, I tried not to be stressful about what is happening in the world, as I have 2 small boys to attend too.

Oh yeah, about them too, well… we told them what is happening in the world. That there is a Pandemic of CoVid-19 Virus going on and that staying at home is the safest thing we need to do, in order not to get sick and not to get harm with others.

Our oldest might understood our explanation but our 5 years old might or might not be. However, we always ensure that we told them what is happening so they would know.

They seem to understand and be very cooperative with us. They do their school work on time because we tell them that doing so would give them an extra activity to do. We let them play their games for an hour as long as they are ALL done with school work. And we are happy that they comply too.

Moreover, when is this going to be over and back to normal? We can’t tell, unless everyone has to be participative of what our Government needs us to do temporarily.

I do hope you are all well in our own home and stay healthy and active. More time with our family and children and our selves, more time to pray and to spend time with God. Maybe all these things happen for a big reason because God knows what’s ahead of everything.

Elegant yet affordable stroller from Stokke


Getting ready for the coming of a bundle of joy is sometimes stressful. It is not in a bad way but in a good way stress that you as a mother, a father would be overwhelmed with the things you need to do or have at home, in order to make sure that everything is all set before the big day comes.

It gets even tense especially when you are both first-time parents. Overwhelmed by what are all the things you must have at home and for the baby's need daily. First is to stacked with diapers, then the baby cares, to clothing and of course, the baby gears. It would make things easier for the adults, as well, as for the baby to be comfortable, when you have the right products.

There are so many websites to choose from, to purchase the gear for your little one. However, there’s always a place in which people would talk about, something that we wanted to know before we buy an item. The first is to make sure the item has a good reviews as well as affordable prices. Run sales that would cater to your budget.

One thing to must-have among all the gears aside from the car seat is getting a reliable stroller. Stokke has it all, from the design to the color you may choose, they have the best affordable Stokke strollers. Stokke Trailz, their amazing all-terrain stroller, is built for action and takes you wherever you want to go effortlessly with ease and comfort. Like all Stokke Strollers, the seat and carrycot position are placed high up to encourage eye contact and connection between parent and child.
STOKKE Trailz All-Terrain Stroller - Black/Red_thumb1

 I always wanted to make sure we keep close eye contact with our little ones to see if they are comfortable or not. And besides, you don’t want to miss any moments with your precious.

Anyways, Stokke carries so many baby gears you need. It’s best to check out their website to see the sales they are having frequently. It will save you more at the same time, you will be able to enjoy the unique items they have online. 

I have wished that I have seen this website before my boys were little, I would totally consider getting one of their products.



It was Wednesday morning when we have an appointment to Oishei Buffalo Children’s Hospital for our son’s CTA imaging. An hour and a half trip from our home, we have to come all the way here, because of the Pediatric Doctor that we are seeing for his mouth is located in Buffalo, NY. Tests and other medical check-ups should be located in the designated hospital.

We have never been to this hospital, and this would be our first time to visit the building. I have an instruction on where to locate the place too so it would be easier and faster for us to get things done going.

We are getting ready for the long drive, and I will get back once we are done our errand for the day.
We are driving on the top of the bridge

We are getting closer to the busy streets of Buffalo, New York

We left the house around 10 minutes before 9am to make sure that we will have enough time to be at the Hospital, between 2 stops along the way, we figured it gives us extra time before our appointment. We have an 11am appointment needs to be that early because our patience does not allow eating 4 hours before the CTA imaging. We figured, since it is too early in the morning, he won’t be hungry that much.

We found the place, of course, we are wandering around in the huge parking building to get to the other building. And just about 10 minutes after the appointed time, we arrived at the Admission where we register to get things going.

Have done the paper works and less than 30 minutes we are out of the hospital and heading home. And the next appointment, we know exactly where to go and it should be earlier this time.

No results about the scan yet, and from there I am waiting for the Doctor’s office to call me if our patience needs to be seen before his other scan appointment happens.

Different plots in the same City that we always go yet seems to be very interesting to get there safe and sound.