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Mother’s Day without your Mother on Earth


Losing someone, or saying your Goodbyes are the hardest thing to do as always, especially, when it is your Mother. No matter how are we going to say and take it, still it is so heavy to carry in our hearts.  We are hurting, to accept that fact that our Mama Lilia will no longer (in flesh) be with us. However, we have faith that someday we will see each other again.

The day that our Mama Lilia bid goodbye, was the hardest thing my family and I had. There are so many questions we need an answers. Things we could have done. Dreams planned with her, were all gone when that day came. Things were so fast, even she could not say her goodbye.

Now occasions like Mother’s Day is so hard to accept, she is no longer here. And there will be no Mother or Mama my siblings and I will greet or call to tell her how much we truly love her.  To remind her how grateful we are of the love, caring and sacrifices she did for us, so we would not be able to experience the poor life she did while growing up.

I guess, heaven probably needs more Mother than us. After the time we spent together and after that last kiss she gave me. I’m not content with the time we spent together, but I presume to accept that reality.

It is very hard to loss a Mother. Mama Inday will never be replaced in our hearts and will never be forgotten, however her legacy will continue.

This Sunday will be Mother’s Day. Please, please do not take for granted to go see your Mother, Mom, Nanay, Ina or Mama. Whatever you call the first woman in your life. Treasure the moments you have with her, forgive and spend more time and create more new memories.

For one day, when her time is up and we don’t know if we are ready to accept that day or not. You will miss her. And maybe that time, when she is ready to leave because she knew that her children will be fine without here. You will tell yourself that even though it is not enough, you did your BEST to be with her. To show to her the love she needs to feel before letting go.

I have to stop writing this article because I could not stop my tears from falling while remembering all the things I can share with my Mama Lily.

To ALL Mothers all over the world, may you have a Beautiful Mother’s Day!

3 Effective Ways To Make Use Of Your Website


While many individuals and businesses have an online presence, not all websites are effective. It is not enough to just have a site online displaying your contact information. You need to command so much more from your website if you hope to gain a competitive advantage over others in your area. With so many people around the globe today relying almost exclusively on the Internet for the products and services that they use every day, it is more important than ever before to have a pronounced presence online. If you are wondering how your business can do better online, consider the following three effective ways to make use of your website.
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Enhance Your Customer Service Offerings

One of the concerns of online consumers today is a perceived lack of connection to the company that they are purchasing from. An individual is more likely to purchase from a business that they feel connected to, and who have a reputation of handling customer needs quickly and effectively. Your website can aid in this. By enhancing your customer service offerings online, you will able to respond quickly to customers and make them feel as if they are standing right inside your shop or office. You can integrate an eCommerce call center, online chat system, and a number of other features right into your website to better work with client needs as they arise.

Offer Online Shopping Options

If you are looking for ways to grow beyond your current customer base, you need to be using your website to promote online shopping options. Even if you provide certain services, they can be purchased online. By integrating a shopping cart into your site, you can sell any of your products and then have them shipped virtually anywhere in the world.

Use Digital Marketing to Your Advantage

If you have an online presence, there are numerous ways that you can use digital marketing to your advantage. This involves such channels as social media, pay per click advertising, and much more. There are countless ways to find the exact type of individual you want to promote your products and services to. You can then send them a targeted message and wait for them to pay your website a visit.

These are three effective ways to better utilize your website. If you are in the process of developing your online site, consider these three areas as you create the design. If you currently have a site published online that is not delivering the results that you would like, it is time to consider these areas as you complete a design overhaul. In the end, make sure that you focus on your website in order to effectively compete in today’s eCommerce world.

Something so shared about...


What have I done? It seems like, I have not given too much attention in all of my blogs and this is the sad part when you can’t truly handle everything at once. As I mentioned to my previous entry in one of my blog, I have already fully managing the couponing and the part time working to a Filipina Online Shop. Not to mention, I am also busy hunting for more free items and sell them to earn profit and I have been setting all these 4 blogs asides.

I have so many entries to complete, and yet not were started. Maybe I have to encourage myself to create and finished 1 entry per day in order to have my blogs going.

I needed more advertisers too, but how can I possibly gain them back, if I have no new and updated entry posting in my blogs?

Oh the dilemma of having so many things to do. However, whatever happened family comes first. All these things will never be treasured but family will be.