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Gift Basket ready for the party

I have never done giving a gift basket for Christmas giveaway ever until last December. I wasn’t also serious with my couponing (in which I should’ve started since I have seen this extreme couponing on TV before) until last December. We could’ve saved lots and lots of money.
If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you might know what I am talking about. I share a few tips and deals here for you to give it a try. Couponing do take most of your time, so your time management should be very good as well as frequent going to the store.

Because sales every week will be different and each store has their different deals, it’s best to learn days before the deals begin on which item is good to stock for the week.

Because I accumulate more items that we can use for the whole month, I have decided to give away a Gift Basket instead. This would save my husband and I tons of money aside from that, it is also a personal care and beauty products that his family will surely need for daily basis. As long as they won’t be picky over anything, they should be fine.

I purchased the box with a 70% discount and for the retail amount, I save more as well. I feel like it’s too expensive to buy something without any discount or coupons for it.

So, I did my best to make a decent Gift Basket for last year’s giveaway gift. And everyone likes it. I’m glad they do as sometimes, there are people whom so hard to be pleased.

How To Shop For Home Improvement Items Online

In today's world, online shopping is as common as sliced bread. As such, homeowners who are interested in sprucing up their residential property should know that they can shop for new goods via the internet. Taking this step can be advantageous for numerous reasons, including the fact that you'll no longer have to fight traffic and long checkout lines to obtain the goods that you want. Use the information found in this quick reference guide to ensure that you have success with the online shopping process:
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1. Select The Right Keywords.

One of the first things you should do to get the online shopping process underway is selecting the right keywords for your internet search. If you're looking for blinds, you could enter a key phrase like "Find Window Blinds Online." Making your keyword or key phrase as specific as possible will empower you to narrow down the results in the search engine results pages. If you're interested in blinds, be sure to consider Next Day Blinds. This company maintains a website from which you can select the blinds that you want. Next Day Blinds also feature a wide range of shades, shutters, and cornices.

After you've typed in the keyword or key phrase of your choice, click the "Enter" key. You'll then be redirected to a page referred to as the search engine results pages (SERPs). From here, you'll see a long list of hyperlinks. When you click a hyperlink, you'll be redirected to the website of a home improvement retailer. Click a hyperlink which features information about products you're interested in.

2. Research The Home Improvement Website.

Once you've clicked a hyperlink and have been redirected to a home improvement website, it's time to start doing research. There are several questions you'll want to answer while you peruse the website. Some of them include:

How long has this retailer been in operation?
What is the shipping policy?
What is the refund/exchange policy?
Does the product I want come with a warranty?

3. Do Off-Site Research.

In addition to researching the home improvement website, make sure that you do more research about the company through other online channels. For example, it's a good idea to visit the Better Business Bureau's (BBB) website to learn whether the home improvement retailer has a favorable rating. A company with an A rating or higher will likely offer you the stellar customer service and incredible products that you need and deserve.

Another research strategy that can prove beneficial for you is checking the home improvement retailer online reviews. A retailer that consistently receives positive online reviews from former and/or current customers will likely offer you the top notch services and products you deserve. However, if you come across a home improvement retailer whose reviews are mostly negative or neutral, you'll want to avoid purchasing anything from them.

Don't Delay: Start The Online Shopping Process Today!

If you've decided that it's time to take your home's aesthetic from average to incredible, it's important to know that buying new house products online can help you realize the goal. Use the online shopping information found in this quick reference guide to ensure that you can locate the great home products you're looking for.

Goodbye Grams, Thank you for giving me a chance!

The month of December should be one of the happiest month of the year, however last year 2016 was a different from my husband’s family.

My husband’s 91 years old Grandmother whom been his second mother passed away. Things were unexpected and sudden that we will definitely remember her passing as it was on the same day as our second son’s birth date.

We still saw her that morning, and brought our children with us to see her. She didn’t look good, and while seeing her that way my heart cries silently. She’s a very brave woman, truly one of a kind. I wished I’d met her earlier so I would enjoy her awesomeness and also being spoiled on her homemade treats/goodies.

She did live a wonderful life while she was alive, she has so many devotions while she was younger and active too. Sometimes, it is very hard to accept things that happened to us. And even though we will truly miss her physically, we still can communicate with her or to our departed loved one through prayers.  Her time has come to reunite again to our Almighty God as well as to her beloved who departed this earth.

This photo was taken by my son [Dodong] while we are at the funeral. We got there early, but due to the bad weather the funeral became an exclusive since there are people who didn’t make it to see her on her last day.

It was a very nice Lutheran Service, we did have a blessing or service and say our last Goodbye to her.

I’m grateful to have to call her my Grandma too, I will never forget the first day of our meeting. She’s always with us whenever we are celebrations. However, this year it would be different not only for my family, but for the rest of her family as well.