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Guitar Center online

It is nice to see my nephew playing guitar to our boys. He was showing them that it’s nice to play a guitar and because my nephew knows how to play the guitar it would encourage my boys to play a guitar too. Though, they were too little, I guess learning and having a background about playing a guitar would not be too early to do it. I should show the link to my nephew on where he can check out a nice and the good condition guitar. Where he can acquire one when he wants to. A quick visit to carvin bass guitar center would give him a variety of good deal guitar online.

Why do I love this Litespan LED Reading Floor Lamp #Review

I have the opportunity to review this unique Floor Lamp from Brightech. The shipment is great, the product is in good shape as well as the way the manufacturer packed it. Secure and totally sealed.

Though the whole box was heavy, but it was truly opposite when you finally install the whole floor lamp.

My Review:

The product is indeed very heavy when I first carry it from our doorstep to our living room. So be very careful. The product is sealed and wrapped in a great condition when I opened it. Very happy there. Each part was wrapped in a plastic and all are intact in a Styrofoam. All parts are complete. The manual is very direct and very easy to understand. Though it contains the assembly instructions, operating instructions, cleaning and storage as well as the warranty info. I don't see any cautions information in the one bond paper that it has. Though, on the bottom part of the sheet it mentioned and they provided an email in which were to be contacted for inquiry.

Easy to assembly, parts are quite lightweight indeed, except for the base that's where all the heavy stuff is. The flex pole is bendable that's one great thing and the lamp is just about right. I expect small but this lamp head is what you need to have.

The LED light is very bright too. I like how you can turn on and off the lamp and the switch is visible because even when it's dark it has  a light where you can see where to push it. I also like how spacious and slim this floor lamp is. It doesn't take too much space and fits in the area where doesn't have enough space.

You can purchase the Litespan LED Reading Floor Lamp - Soft White Light Editon - Neutrual White Light Color - Built-in Dimmer - Adjustable Head Pivots in Any Direction - Energy Saving 12 Watts - Black Color [it comes with white and black color] through Amazon.

For the price of:
Price: $90.00
Sale:   $39.99
You Save:       $50.01 (56%)

I would say spending that much for a floor lamp is quite expensive, well for me but it’s worth it. I love the floor lamp and its very handy for me to carry anywhere in the house.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I did not receive any financial amount. I received the products for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.

Archaeological Sites Across the U.S. to Stir Your Sense of Mystery

People love the mysterious; it’s what pulls us to certain people, or what drives us to go check out the creepy noise in the basement. (Although maybe we don’t like mystery so much when it comes to trying to find a place to raise a family, or the best places to retire. But other than that.) In terms of travel, people love to explore sites that evoke a strong sense of mystery or the mystical, like Stonehenge in England or Newgrange in Ireland. But many do not tend to think of America as having sites that stir our imaginations—which is simply untrue. Here’s a list of some of the most mysterious sites to visit across the United States. 
photo not mine
Poverty Point, Louisiana

Dating back to before the city of Troy ever fell, Poverty Point was the result of a culture nearly forgotten by history. It is an engineering marvel: Over the course of 600 years (from about 1650 to 700 BCE), the people of the Poverty Point culture built up enormous earthworks in the shape of mounds and concentric rings, which take up more than 900 acres of land. It took more than five million hours of labor to build overall—but the purpose of the site as well as why it was abandoned is entirely a mystery.

The Blythe Intaglios, California

Found near Blythe, California in the Colorado Desert, the intaglios are America’s equivalent of the Nazca Lines. These consist mostly of enormous human shapes, which were carved into the desert by scraping away layers of dark rocks and pebbles to reveal the lighter soil underneath around 3,000 years ago. The largest human figure is 171 feet long, and there are several dozens of them in all. As to their purpose, it is suspected they were ceremonial in nature—but no one knows for sure, especially because they do not know who made them in the first place.

Roanoke Colony, Virginia

Bringing things forward about 2,500 years, the Roanoke Colony is one of America’s greatest mysteries, along with the location of Jimmy Hoffa’s remains and the fate of Amelia Earhart. 115 colonists were sent to North America to establish an English colony in 1587. The governor of the colony, John White, left later in the same year to plead for help from the government, and when he returned in 1590 with supplies, not a single person could be found. There were no signs of a struggle and all of the houses and fortifications had been dismantled—indicating they had not disappeared in a hurry. The only message left behind was the word “CROATOAN” carved into a fencepost. To this day, there is no conclusive evidence as to what happened to the colonists. The archaeological site is found in Fort Raleigh National Historic Site.

Casa Grande Ruins, Arizona

Casa Grande is one of the largest prehistoric structures ever built in North America. Constructed by the Sonoran people, it’s a four-story adobe building that’s part of a 470-acre compound built some 700 years ago. The Sonorans had extensive trade networks and irrigation canals, but left behind no written record—so currently no one knows what Casa Grande was used for. 

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