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The Best Way to Move a Piano


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When people think of piano moving, nine times out of ten they'll imagine a black and white movie clip where someone looks up only to be flattened by a falling piano. While this thankfully is a mostly comedic event, the truth remains that moving a piano is no joke. If you have a piano to move, the good news is that you don't have to tackle it yourself.

Moving a Piano Yourself is Bad News
You wouldn't be the first person to decide that a group of friends and a free afternoon would be the perfect solution to moving a piano. While you no doubt may be able to hoist it, it's not the same as moving a couch, a table or any other type of furniture. There are many things to consider when moving an instrument of this magnitude. You don't want to risk destroying a priceless family heirloom.

The Trouble with Pianos
Simply put, pianos can be huge! Not only are they a monstrosity, but they're a heavy and expensive monstrosity. Pianos are so oddly shaped that it can be tremendously difficult to maneuver them down hallways and through doorways. Couple that with the fact that there are hundreds of delicate working parts inside and you've got a nerve-wracking situation. This is a project better left to St. Petersburg FL piano movers who know precisely what they are doing.

Hiring a Piano Mover
If you didn't know that piano movers existed, then you're in luck. Movers that specialize in transporting pianos are in a league of their very own. They're well-trained in exactly how to move all types of pianos from grands to baby grands to uprights. They know just how to disassemble and secure parts of a piano without damaging it. They'll also secure the keys and pedals and all the inner workings.

The Safest Solution
Not only is it a good idea to hire a piano mover to protect the investment of a piano, but also as a precaution to you. Pianos are terribly heavy and you could risk injury to yourself or others in attempting such an endeavor. Movers are adept at relocating your piano and also have the right gear to do the job safely.

A Job Well Done
Moving a valuable piece like a piano is hopefully something you'll only need to do once. It might as well be done right. Hiring a piano the mover will not only take the weight off your shoulders but also the weight of your mind.




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The Application


Resume Profile
Last month, I have checked the Frewsburg Central School here in our county to just see if a job that I like is currently available. Without any hindrance, there it was posted. It’s like someone has telling me to, “Go on, apply for that position”, it isn’t serious. Just a try to see if the school will call me or not at least I tried, all this thinking about the hiring position.

It isn’t in line with the previous work I experienced, but it is something way different from it too. The Food Service Helper is something new to me, something I would like to try, and oh! The fun of being at the cash register is finally happening, that is IF I will continue my application and get hired.

So, without hesitation I completed the online application and submitted it to the school. After couple of days, in which I didn’t expect to get a phone call from them, they actually did call and scheduled me for an interview.

This happens 2 weeks before my birth month, after that I have THE JOB. It is a FOOD SERVICE HELPER; basically I am the Breakfast Lady. I get the chance to create my own menu, provided they have the supplies to make for breakfast. Sounds exciting, as I get to hold the register/cashier too, in which I have always wanted to try it. Since I was a little girl, I would like to do register to see and hear those beeps, I know sounds not too complicated huh, but that’s what I would like to try and through this job, I get to do it.

After the last interview with the Superintendent of the Department, I get to start the job a week they hired me. Yes, I need to make sure that someone has to help me out with my sons while I’m at school and be home by 9am.

Luckily, my supportive husband and I figured it out with my niece’s help as well as my sister. Pretty exciting to work by myself early in the morning and be done when almost everyone just started.