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4 Interior Design Ideas to Better Your Bedroom for a Great Night’s Sleep

Your bedroom is where you spend over half of your life. Therefore, you should outfit your bedroom with interior designs that equal a great night’s sleep. Read on for 4 interior design ideas that are conducive to a restful night of dozes and dreams. 

Choose Darker-Toned, Soothing Colors for Your Walls

Usually, interior designers suggest using brighter, lighter tones to spruce up your home and make it appear as if a room has more space. But, in the bedroom, you want to use dark-toned, soothing colors, since these colors are conducive to a better night’s sleep. Think dark lavender, midnight blue, charcoal with a red accent wall, or maroon. All of these colors have a sleepy effect on your brain, which means a restful evening is in your future. Keep in mind that most paint jobs are DIY, but you could always hire a contractor for professional remodeling services.

Surround Yourself with Lavender and Vanilla Scents

Lavender is a notable sleepy-time scent that ancestors used to stuff into their pillows for a deeper, better sleep. However, sometimes lavender can be overpowering on its own. Mix it with hints of smooth vanilla for a double dose of a calming scent that puts your mind into relaxation mode. Grab a candle with these scents mixed in, use essential oils, or wash your sheets in these aromas for a quick Goodnight.

Invest in a Comfortable, Plush Bed

Did you know that you spend almost 230 thousand hours of your life asleep? Better make it comfortable. When investing in a bed, always go with luxury, indulgence, and a plush, comfortable mattress. This is where you will refresh and invigorate for another day of work and grind. So, it’s better to spend a small bundle on something that you need and will use on a daily basis. Go with the bed you want, even if you have to save up for it. Comfort is worth it, always.

Curtain the Windows Correctly

Few people want the sunshine to stream into their eyes when they are having a great sleep. You can ensure this doesn’t happen with heavy curtains to block the sunshine from your bedroom. Of course, you can always draw the curtains open to let the light in. But, when it comes to privacy and a great night’s sleep, opt for drapes that cut out at least 90-percent of the sun from your bedroom windows.

As established, you will spend a huge portion of your life, about 25 years or so, sleeping. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you get the best quality sleep possible. Use the aforementioned interior design ideas to help you achieve a great night’s sleep.

A sudden flight to New York City

YES!!!! Once again, I will be travelling with our 2 year old to the BIG APPLE. It wasn’t a plan at all, however for some reason there were so many trials happened to me this year. It seems like I was challenging if whether or not I will be still up or just give up. However, I will never give-up, challenges in life can make you get going, it’s the matter on how you deal with it. So far, in my situation, I have help from these wonderful that surrounds me.

It’s just so much money that will be wasted because of this challenge. Anyways,  after a week of waiting if I’ll be able to get my Citizenship before we fly time is also getting closer and if I don’t have any alternative about this, I won’t be able to fly on June. So whether or not I will have my interview, I’ll make sure that I have a passport with me.

That’s why this sudden fly to the New York City is a must. It will also be a challenge for me because I will be taking my 2 year old son with me. It will also be his first plane travel.

I’m both excited and anxious, because I don’t know if my son will be able to enjoy on the plane or not.

Of course, I’ll go and dine-in at Jollibee even though I know that I will be soon eating this Pinoy Fast food when we have our 2 months vacation. My main point of going there is to be finished this situation.

You will be hearing from me soon, after my visit to the City that never sleeps. We shall see.

This is Official, this YEAR isn’t my so Lucky Year

You might already know the content of this article, just based from the title itself. I will elaborate more on why do I assume that this isn’t my year, in spite of the fact that I was born on a Rooster Year. And based of the Chinese calendar this could be my lucky year, yet it seems to prove differently.

Consequently, just to contribute with you why I don’t consider this as my year is that first; I know that we never get all we wanted, but the one thing that I need right now is my schedule for the interview. I get so frustrated every time I checked the website and plus knowing someone who submitted her application the same week as mine just got hers and done. Don’t you think that this year does show it’s not truly mine? I know it’s best to be patient, but knowing the fact that we will have a long vacation this Summer, late interview schedule is not a good thing. And it’s nada!!!

Two; I’m clumsy, I forget things often and yeah, I have decisions that I regretted and wished to turn back time.

Third, I have never missed any opportunity and this year is the first. I must have too much to have in mind that I never even remember to think about my online opportunity, and now it’s gone.

I don’t want to continue more about my misfortune because I don’t want to think about it? Yet because of what is happening, I couldn’t help myself but remember that this might not be my year.

Let’s all hope that things will work out for the rest of my plan this year, because if not, I will really feel devastated.