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My Journey to Reacquiring my Philippine Citizenship

There is no place like home as they said, and most of the time it is absolutely correct. Depending on the childhood you have in your life, most people would want to settle back in their hometown no matter how far their achievements are. As for me, I could not say that now, it may take years or so depending on how the economy change, but I consideration of being a snowbird. This means I want to stay longer in one place without thinking about overstaying at all. 

At first, I never intend to reacquire my former citizenship, not because I don’t like the Philippines, in fact, I love to be there for 90% of my life. I am content with what I already have, I love the USA too. Both countries I am part of have histories, and making more memorable days to cherish life and family. I have the opportunity to apply without any hassle at all. Aside from that, my siblings and I have a business corporation that I wanted to stay longer than 1 year without thinking about the possibility of overstaying, so why not re-acquire that citizenship.

Last 2021, my sister and I went back to the Philippines, and yes we did experience the whole Covid19 protocol in order to get to our final destination, the Philippines. I was totally stressed out just to gather all the necessary papers work and to be knowledgeable enough to know most of the changes, during that time. One thing that I was worried about is that I am no longer a Filipino Citizen, what could possibly get wrong? For my part, I have all these questions and the only thing I could satisfy myself with is to research further.

Part of that sudden visit is our father’s passing, heartbroken but we need to accept things and move on, sooner or later when it’s our time to depart this earth it will happen. The only thing we need to do is to make sure that their or our legacy will continue and so that’s where I finally decided to reacquire my Filipino Citizenship. 

The office of the Philippine Consulate here in New York State is located in New York City. From my residence to get there, it would take us 6 hours, plus the traffic that you will experience once you are in New York City.  And that’s something I am avoiding, since my application isn’t really in a rush I decided to go seek an outreach program during the Summer time. And they always perform this program during Spring-Summer time. And that’s where I found the nearest place they will have it in Rochester New York.  Oh, not to mention here in that place is where I also pledge my oath-taking to become a US Citizen. 

Getting the information I needed to do isn’t that stressful and complicated at all. I spoke to a few friends who have already gone through this path and it seems to me that the process is way too easy and quick. I went directly to the website of the Philippine Consulate and gather all the requirements and forms needed. At first, the place of the event hasn’t been started yet, so somewhere in Rochester NY is the area. In, the first week of May 2022, they finally indicated the venue of the Outreach Program and it was at the Recreational Center, Rochester NY. 

We arrived at the location 40 minutes before the time and so my family and I waited for a little while. And since I requested an appointment 7 days before the date, the minute I step foot in that area, I was placed with the next person in line. It was pretty quick. I thought at first I have to go through all these dealings, but my impression was wrong. I have to pause here… 

Rewinding, before I was outside the Recreational Center of Rochester NY. I make sure that I sent an email to the at least seven (7) days prior to the scheduled Consular Outreach. The schedule of the Outreach was May 21, 2022, and I sent them an email on May 13th, 2022, Friday. I got a response Monday afternoon, May 16th, stating my 3Pm appointment. Everything stated in the email of what needs to bring and the instruction as well. So make sure you read it carefully and follow what the email says. As per observation, while I was at the place processing my requirement, there were at least 2 people denied to continue their dual application because they didn’t bring the necessary requirements stated on the website. They will not be going to proceed and they stopped them there. I hope they’re from that area; it is a waste of time to travel that far, (like me) and not be able to do it. 

Anyways, I have brought with me the original copies and 2 photocopies of the requirements too. As well as 2 copies of the Dual Citizenship and 4 2x2 white background photos.


The following are the basic requirements for principal applicants:

1.    Duly Accomplished Dual Citizenship Application Forms

2.    US Naturalization Certificate (If this is not available, the applicant must obtain a certification from the US Citizenship and Immigrant Services (USCIS) indicating that the applicant has obtained US Citizenship, including date of naturalization and Certificate number)

3.    Philippine Statistics Authority or National Statistics Office (PSA) Birth Certificate 

4.    Latest Philippine Passport (if available)

5.    PSA Marriage Certificate or Report of Marriage for married women.  

6.    Death Certificate is required if a widow

7.    Divorce Decree or PSA Marriage Certificate with Annotation on Divorce (required for an applicant who has previous marriages or divorced)

8.    Valid US Passport

9.    Applicant’s Photos (bring four (4) colored 2″x 2″ photos, with plain white background. Applicant must not be wearing eyeglasses)


 For dependent children:

1.    PSA Birth Certificate / US Birth Certificate

2. Latest Philippine Passport (if available)

3. US Naturalization Certificate 

4. US Passport

5.    Child’s Photos (3 photos)


Make sure to have them with you during your appointment and everything will be smooth, I did. After the payment of $60.00, I reviewed the document and signed it. By the way, don’t get a pre-paid envelope unless you intend to renew or get your passport. I have no clue so I purchased one and now I don’t know what to do with this pre-paid envelope. I can’t return it to the post office. 

Moreover, after 20 minutes of waiting, they all gathered the rest of the dual citizenship applicants in the area we started with our oath-taking. The official had given us our Certificates and the Identification Paper. There were more than 15 people in that batch, we pledge the oath and sang the Philippine National Anthem. It feels like I am back in my first country again. Like having a flashback of my childhood memories during my youth days while we sang our National Anthem during our Flag Ceremony.

Anyways, the best part of everything after reacquiring my citizenship is that I have all the privileges of both countries now. I can travel without having any problems in both countries and so is my family. I can stay as much as I can in both countries, without the worry of overstaying, and for the most part, I get to spend enough time in both countries. 

Oh, after you reacquire your Filipino Citizenship, you are not required to get a Philippine passport, which is only optional. You have your certificate to show them that you are dual. They don’t have any more copies of the certificates, so it is our responsibility that we have to take good care of this document. However, the Consul mentioned that you can make copies of the document and make sure it is being notarized; anyone who notarized would be able to do it. Just to make sure you’ll show them the original copy and that the notarized photocopy is acceptable. 

From the time I was inside the Center up to the last thing I spent inside it only took me less than an hour for the whole process. I am very happy that I have this done. This journey of reacquiring my Filipino Citizenship is over.

Now, I will continue to create more memories with my family in other things.


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