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Work Out

Work out...i was enrolled into a Gym last June 20th...and i tomorrow will be the 1st one month to the gym... the reason with all of this work out was becoz of my sister in-law she's getting bigger and she needs to work out just to have her body brother as well is a body conscious he doesnt wanted to get her wife grow bigger and bigger and we do agree that having a nice body figure would keep us look good...moreover, the first 1 week session was very difficult..sweat all over the body and mucsle't imagine what i am feeling those days..but days passed its kinda okay..and now we have our program of firming and reducing if ever we will going to stop doing working out...we will not going to expand..unlike of what mostly says...i dont know...if there are parts of my body that is improving... maybe not for now becoz i'm still one month into this thing...maybe later like 4 to 5 months..that's what my trainor says...effects will be from 4 to 5 months and it will also depends of how hard you work out to firm those muscles...its this my chance to have a nice body? i ii wish this will be the only way...


  1. Anonymous11:41 PM

    hi there! it's really true that when you stop working out you do gain more weights especially if you don't watch what you eat which happens to some and that your body is used to it so you need to continue or atleast exercise everynow and then so you won't grow double the weight you are in that what happen to most people even just watch out when you stop going to the gym that you won't go back to your old habits...

    Good luck!

  2. hey..thanks so much..i'm afraid that might happen to me too...that's why i just got 1 month, and then stop it...i can get slimmer more just to control and discipline my body..dont want to double my weight...

  3. I do agree with May.

  4. Hehehehe... after that? i got lazy don't wanna to something to make me sweat... i dont know just being in the nature of a lazy butt...

    thanks for the comment


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