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Memories From an Angel

Some People Dreams of an Angel, We just Held ONE in our Hands... Once we didn't know whose a real angel's are? Some still wondering, if they do really exist? We never know whom and whose person they are..But the only thing that i can tell you, is that cherished everyone else you know..We never know one day, everything will change...Just spend time with them, though its only a little time, but he is an angel who change everyone of us..Now his mission is done and so its time to go back to where is do really belong..We thought we could never lived without him? but guess what? he gave us replacement in behalf of him, we all know that wherever do go and whatever we do, this ANGEL is always with us...guiding and loving us so much, THIS LITTLE ANGEL MEANS SO MUCH TO ME...TO US..NO MATTER WHAT I DO, HE IS ALWAYS INSIDE MY HEART, SMILING AND VERY VERY HAPPY...I MISS HIM VERY VERY BADLY...I LOVE YOU MAN...

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