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Last Night

" Unforgettable face "

I dont know what came into me last night, when i am about to get some sleep
I've felt so lonely and missing someone so dear to me, And then realized that, It's this angel boy once I am with,
I cried so hard, remembering the computer in my room, where he used to play with,
There's this moments that,
I woke up early in the morning, and his beside me, cuddling, asked what do i wanted
So he could play the computer. I could still remember his face, his happy face smiling at me,
While playing his favorite games "Board War, Delta Force"
He do says that he won, even if he lost the battle.,

When can I hug him again? When can i see his angel face smiling at me?
When can i hear him calling me "mommy" again?
When can i cuddle with him, when i miss him so badly? Too many questions in my head....
I should be very happy, because wherever he is now, He surely is in good hand,
safe and very happy.

I know, I can't deny being so selfish sometimes, but I can't stop myself from missing him,
I thought, time will passed away, and should be lucky I have been with AN ANGEL for 5 years,
Babysits him, took care of him, play with him, and feel his love for me.

When will this feeling of loneliness end? Still looking and missing and hoping I could hug him oneday.
My heart still full of lonelines, the longing, questions..why he had to go first?
It is so sad, that after a year and months passed by, I could still feel the fresh feelings...
I know I have to let go, move on and continue with my life,
Do GOOD things, without expecting any in return
Because no matter what I do, all he wanted for us to do, is to do Good things,
So that time comes, and if we do really wanted to be with him again,
He will be welcoming US, to where he is now..

I love you so MUCH .... L a N c E

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