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its good to be old

Harvey and I @ KFC....

Cousin and I

its good to be old, i just feel like i'm matured now, although i'm sometimes immature..i dont know, i just can't grew up and be like other woman outhere. i wonder, what should be the best? to stay kid? or to get old, now that my birthday had just passed, as if i could feel i'm getting older and i just hope this would help me into a mature world. i'm responsible enough with what my life brings me into, and i know how to face problems, just keeping silent and trying to be silly and wanted to make people laugh? that's me, i've got the whole world in me when i am like that. just a pretender that i hate to let anybody see me like i am having this BIG problem inside my heart. family, friends, lovers[[hehehehe if there is] and work..just too much stressed that i wanted to just cry, becoz it killing me too much. last 7th of november was my day. i dont really have in mind about having a party, becoz i'm all empty, no money and no lover..hahahaha..wawa naman..joke, anyway, i wasn't thinking at all to plan just attend mass and be alone in my room would be fine for me. but my sister-in-law just told me that its once in a year and i should have to celebrate it becoz i should have to be happy i saw the beauty of this world. and BOOM! its like a bell ring in my head, and immediately i went to the mall and buy some stuff, in a last minute.. thanks for the help of credit card, i was totally save...ahahahaha...
so, i was so thankful, i've still got those friends who remember me, my best pals wasn't around becoz they were really miles away from me. they greeted and send text message, some just email me and other just forget or shall i say remembered the wrong date..:-& kahit late i'll be happy to receive all of it..
got drunk, not really drunk, just a white wine and then, red horse and a little of whiskey..gee....its too damn hard...singing here and there, i have the microphone in my hand...we ended around 2:00 am and now i'm back to work...ahahahah..hangover still, but i dont have no choice, i never went to work monday just to spend my day with my family....

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  1. day, cute jud ang baby among the three of you parihas jud nako ang baby bah cute jud kaau... hehehehhe


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