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Where do I spend My Dinner lately...

last Thursday, some old friends invited me
for dinner @ Isla Parilla, this is located at
Alabel Sarangani Province

I went out with three college friends for dinner last March 23, It's like 9pm when they showed up at home. I was totally ready for bed, with all my "banyos" and "pulbos" sa liog. hahaha...They never texted me, so I was thinking that the dinner will be cancelled. And expectedly @ 9Pm Johnson showed up outside the house. Then run towards my room and change... well seems everyone is already taken their dinner, I'm the only one who did not eat so I ordered a light dinner. I did not know since, that Eduardo hates "tilapya" I even offered him some "tilapya" ... and guess what he said: "Basin gusto ka nga mag-away ta!" Wala jud, we ate, talked about jobs, what would future be looked like for us. Plans, and still wondering about those people who thinks they are great or so high...but, we do leave that to them and into that place... Its cold, and such a nice place to stay...we leave the place and headed home.
"@ twinkle's place, I like to watched tarryn with her
dress this night. So, I grabbed her and took pictures."
Spent the whole night at Twink's place singing at V-Karaoke... It's her mom's birthday, we did sing some old favorite songs, and I love it too...

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