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School Exposure

April 27-28, 2006 was the scheduled of Staff Exposure batch 2 in different school - college and university school in Davao City. The team were composed of 16 personnels including 2 drivers. We depart from GenSan around 6:30am, the weather is cold. Everyone is excited, and imagine that i'm with a bunch of old people. Probably i'm the youngest and mostly were all married. Just imagine your with your aunties and they will just get tired easily, and wanted to go home and kill-joy...hehehehe...
April 27 - we arrived in the first school which is Holy Cross College, the people were all nice, they even prepare some food and have some a little bit of orientation. They all welcome us there with warm the afternoon where at University of Immaculate Conception, darn! I wish I only wear my sandals, we've been roaming the whole campus and from 1st floor up to 5th feet were really in pain, I can't even make any steps when we go down. But the school were amazing, they really gave everything for the students to learn. What do u expect in a university...After the tour, we head to Eden Park...its on top of the mountain, cold place, peaceful plot...I was thinking, this is it... a place were I can finally go and see Eden Park and enjoy the place..unfortunately I dont, we never pushed through with our Tour of the place, instead [old] people wanted to go to SM Mall, yikes...SM and KCC back in GenSan were just too similar...oh well, I can't live the place by myself. I was planning also to take Wella with me in Eden during that time, but they just wont allowed it to have an alien with the group. See, we wasted one Annex, an extension room, no one sleeps there and it was included with the payment...huhuhu.... I hate being with them...
I took this on our way back to the Garden Hall

This is the extension Room were, I and Wella supposed to sleep This is the Holiday Lodge

A fireplace, we do really need it, its cold in the night

The inside house were complete from beddings into kitchen, into the furniture

The pool was very cold, u can't feel the hit of the sun.

Everything were just so perfect, hopefully I'll come back and explore everything in Eden.

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