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The Day is Over

Rondalla in the lobby, they are all prepared to entertain the commissioners

This is what lobby looked like...

Everyone is just too busy waiting for the commissioners...with all the filipiniana attire

After days of days of preparations for the Ocular Visit, finally has come. Everyone is excited and tense of what and how would it looked like when they get here. The commissioners and other official CHED arrived in NDDC around 10:30am. We did expect them as earlier than that, but because of this nature things, we can't control of the time changes. The chairman did not make it to go with them, instead they have other representative from commissioners. When they got in the campus, with all the Rondalla, welcoming them, as if like NDDC have a fiesta for them. Ceremony were held at covered Court, with all the decorations, red carpet and the PNP Band. They were really amazed of the warmed welcome we did for them. Everyone is excited because we do really expected that by that time they are going to declared NDDC as a University. But because they dont really have all the power to say it, they gave us hope to continue to pray for the application of the University. Its a positive response from the commissioners because they have seen, all the recommendations, programs and the standards of the school were complied and implemented. We'll just wait for the decision on the higher education in regards to our application. At least, things are back to a little bit normal now...

Above were the 2 Commissioners and some CHED Officials and other guest representative to evaluation NDDC.

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