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Last saturday, I have decided to re-arranged my room, because I'm the only girl at home left. I wanted to make my room on its new looked and comfortable, although I am comfortable with the old arragement. Change the aura of it, so that things will come smoothly and yes it is. Without my mother's concent, the double deck I have inside were cut-off into two. And putted the first/top bed on the other room, which is my brother's room. Cleaned here, there and even the salas, it started like 3pm in the afternoon and we ended like 9pm. Of course, with my younger brother's help. I can't lift up the bed all by myself, i'm not superman, nor rouge in the X-men. So I posted here the before and after of my room:

Moreover, after a tireful saturday evening. Staff of where I worked, had planned a week ago for this what we call "RNR" which means - Rest and Relaxation. We went to Gumasa Beach, yes! in Glan. I've been there with my family last month, and now I'm with my co-employee. We are only 27 or less than that. We have a lot of fun and I enjoyed taking pictures with the scenery too. taking advantage with my new phone which have a good pixels...
Below is my favorite spots:

Sorry Guys, I hate telling this but I am not sure why I can't post lots of pictures here now... this really, I am planning to move to another site... I would love to share some but, I might just give you the link of my pictures. Have Fun!!!!

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