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Money been turned into pieces

Yesterday [30th of June] when I got home, I've heard this new from my sister-in-law about millions of money being machined into pieces... I don't believe such gossips because I definitely know that my neighbors are very much fan of that...hahaha..yes, filipino as fan of gossips...even me sometimes. pregnant cousin and my neighbor got even 2 plastics of cutted off money, I saw it with my two eyes and even smelled it to know if its a fake money or a real one. Fortunately it is a real money... This morning [1st of July] I even asked my brother to go with me so I can see a mountained pieces money where they throwed it on the vacant lot near my place. And find out this:

The whole story goes like this, I'm not sure of what really happens but I think I can share with you what's the cause of the money cutting into pieces. There's this old rich lady, and she's been having lots of pains lately because eventhough that she's still alive. Her family, relatives, and siblings were fighting over her wealth, to whom will it be for when she die, and who have a lot of shares later on. So, what she did and get so mad with it, she bought a paper grinder, and withdrawn all her money at the bank, and turned them all into pieces... now she's got peace of mind because no one will ever gonna get any piece of her wealth.. If she only shares it to those people who needs more helped than cutting them least when she get die, she did some good deeds to her fellowmen...hehehe..

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