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Busy Weekdays

October 26, 2006: Its the death Anniversary of my grandfather. His 20th death anniversary...We have a visitor at home, his my sister-in-law's former college classmate. And now his a Reverend Father of Bohol. His Fr. Janseen Uriel Dingal, he visited us home since he stayed in Alabel province for a week. And fortunately we need a priest for the burial of my uncle and my grandfather. You might wonder, we took their bones from UHAW and trasfered it in San Carlos where its too near to Lance graveyard so that every ALL SOULS DAY we don't have to go to travel that far and heat up by the sun to see them. At least also they have been putted in a good and not very crowded place. I planned about it that if ever I worked abroad the first thing that I'm going to do is to transfer their graveyard since they're transfered it so I don't have anything to do then...So we asked Father Jansen took the mass for us and blessed once again my uncle and my grandfather's bone and send them back and buried. I have pictures on the Link provided.

October 27, 2006: Today is the Halloween Party of Stratford Internation School where Vyne had her schooling. The party starts at 5:30pm and I have to accompany her into that party. Since her mother can't join 'kay buntis man' tapos it says a invitation nga kinahanglan mag custome..sos when I got there, nag-wear lang itum nga guest and parents... tama lagi ko ba. basta gani pinoy di jud magparticipate...naglagot ko...mao wala ko hawa-hawa sa sa akong seats. Just stay there until the whole party ended.

October 28, 2006: Its a day that my Uncle and Aunt for their silver wedding decided to be blessed by a Father and even though they were not at chruch that important is they were blessed by a priest. They have it inside their house and we had all the wedding mass with the clan and her siblings too. They even have those traditional things like the cakes, and the vine. Everyone is really happy that day. And in the evening, was the blessing of house of my brother Eugene and his girlfriend Juna Joy which located in FVR 39, Tambler, GSC. Have the whole family there and had our video-karaoke.


Have a Great Holiday to all!!!!!

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