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December 22, 2006: Bought gifts for Wella, Twinks and Mistica. It was very crowded in every department store. So I bought them organizer, I’m not sure if they already have it, but hopefully it would help.

December 23: I was still on my bed when Wella texted me to met up with her earlier or 10am @ port café in Gaisano Mall. So it was 8am and I have to get up earlier because I’ll have to clean the whole place before leaving. Everything was done at 9am, I’m not the excited huh…. Mistica accompanied me so I would not be alone to wait, it was past 10am we are there except Wella, yes, traffic in silway…that’s okay, we just waited her and get our own order. And finally she came, exchange gifts talked and eat. It would be more fun if Allen and Anna were around, I’m sure the whole place would be full of laughter and chats. We headed straight to Twinks place [inside Gaisano Mall] hehehehe…There’s Tarryn and we played along with her, well proud mommy twinks showed us all what her daughter knows and talents. We are very happy especially when tarryn is around, we have tooked pictures which unfortunately it was with Mistica and Wella’s cam. And everything falls into reading cards…and in awhile we went home.

December 24: My parents were home. I was supposed to attend the last ‘Mesa De Gallo’ or in English ‘9 Morning Mass’ unfortunately I never had the chance to attend one of them. I’m so bad I know I am, all I do is sleep..sleep..sleep….[I’m sorry Lord I’ll make it up to u in other things and in other ways] Anyway…. I’ve been thinking what have I done on this day…oh…my lover jeff called me up and chatted for like 2 hours again. [I’m sorry mahal, if u need to spend all your money paying your phone bills for me]… Moreover, we did attended the 8pm Mass at Lagao Parish Church. The church were overload and there are lots of people even outside.

December 25: We celebrated it with the whole family. It was pretty fun at all, with all the fireworks and foods…yummy… the gifts….hehehehe… after that we just have 2 bottles of wine and a video-karaoke. We ended up at 3 in the morning and continue the celebration around 10am. Cousins, relatives came by to ask for ‘pinaskuhan’ the kids were all over. It’s the gathering of relatives and friends at home.

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