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Ash Wednesday...

What is Ash Wednesday?

***In the Western Christian calendar, Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent and occurs forty-six days before Easter. Lent is nevertheless considered forty days long, because each Sunday of the year is considered a "little Easter" and thus Sundays are not counted as days of penance. It falls on different dates from year to year, according to the date of Easter; it can occur as early as February 4 or as late as March 10. Ash Wednesday can fall on Leap Day only during a leap year for which April 15 is Easter Sunday. The next time Ash Wednesday will fall on Leap Day will be in 2096, the first such year since the 1582 adoption of the Gregorian Calendar.

At Masses and services of worship on this day, worshippers are blessed with ashes by the celebrating priest or minister. The priest or minister marks the forehead of each participant with black ashes, in the shape of a cross, which the worshipper traditionally retains until washing it off after sundown. In many Christian churches, the minister of ashes may also be a layperson or non-clergyman. The symbolism echoes the ancient Near Eastern tradition of throwing ash over one's head signifying repentance before God (as related in the Bible). The priest or minister offers the worshipper an instruction while applying the ashes.

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Its February 21, 2007 here, wednesday and our ash wednesday. We have our mass held at covered area. People/ Catholics were all gathered for the said mass. And there is also other mass for non-catholic people. Twinks, message me up in Yahoo and wanted to go to attend the mass with me. So I waited her in the office and then we headed straight to the court...

"Remember, man, that you are dust
And unto dust you shall return."

That's how we do our sacrifices here, we don't eat meat not until after the Holy Week. I was just thinking, if we need to sacrifice somethings, we don't need contract right? We don't need something to put on but the willingness to do it without any contract. Crossing an ash on your forehead is kinda contract for me. Show's that you don't have to eat meat and that will forbid you to eat meat. Even if we don't need to put ash on our forehead we can still do sacrifices for God. Call me whatever you wanted to Call me but that's how I understand it. That's how we test ourselves, if we'll really be tempted or not. That's shows how strong our faith for God, maybe I don't understand it really. But I'm sure there is a full reason of all of this...


  1. Anonymous7:31 PM

    grabeh gi research jud ang cuaresma bah... power keyo! hehe

  2. what is for those who doesn't know what really it means..

  3. basta pa badlis ug dili kaon ug meat ah!:)hehe

  4. wala gani ko nakapabadlis....sige lang try not too...pero exempted lang until karon kay adto mi bday..kaon jud kog litson...


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