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Valetine's Day... but I'm so sad

I have the saddest Valentines Day this 2007. Because of what happened to Jeff's sister. I tried many times not to think of what happened and instead think the other good side and of what planned for them. But I just can't, I have lots of questions in my head, questions that I dont know what's the right answer and a very satisfied answer. I tried to smile, but I couldn't hide what and how do I really feel about that tragedy.

Twinks texted me, and we planned before that we'll be dating during Valentines Day since our partners were living far from us. Inspite that I dont like to be sad and wanted to shift my sadness into something, she invited me to watch movie. We did watched 'The Messenger' its a suspense, horror movie. It caught my attention and help me forget what I've been thinking and focused into it. I got scared and keep babbling to twinks if we can go home and will not finished the movie. After that, I got fine for awhile, but still it keeps coming back what happened inside my head. I can't eat very well, I am not in the mood for everything, I've just so lonely and sad because I know someone outhere needs me alot, and I just couldn't help and comfort him.


  1. just pray for her and her family nov. that's all we can do right now.

  2. and i'm doing that, we do included them to my rosary prayers and to my prayers at night, because its not easy to heal the wounds and it will take time, just like what happened to me, when my nephew died? as if i dont wanna live, why it has to be him? have lots of questions on my mind, but my nephew helped us all to move on he helped us to continue life, and that's i'm sure his doing to help teresa and his family to do what he had done for us here.


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