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Event and Vyne

Last 28th of July while waiting for my siblings to pick me up in the office, which unfortunately I wasn’t been able to pick up here. It is also a celebration of the indigenous people’s art, they have their collections and put it to the NDDU lobby, [we are hosting the venue for this event] and you can actually see woman making the ‘Batik’ cloth. It’s pretty interesting and amazing, I find it really difficult but they have known this work for years. There were people who came from Manila, and Americans who made this possible. They will be here until 2nd of August.

manang, is making a 'Batik' cloth

the instrument to use the 'Batik'

some of the paintings.

Way back that, almost everyone at home got pretty sick, had fever, probably because of the sudden change of the weather. Vyne got a different case; she was bitten by a bee which was inside our house. She, always the one who got bitten by the bee, first was on her hands and foot, now was on her face. After that, she got a high fever maybe because of it as well. She really look pathetic of what the bee did to her, she haven’t went to her classes because of it. Poor Vyne and Mommy didn't even know what to do about it, where in fact she can search on how to prevent this from getting swelled. I could have search it on goggle. But, it did not came up into my head, and I just have and idea after what happened to Vyne. If in case you were bitten by a bee, here's how to deal with it.

this is how is looks like for the 24 hour bite

this is during 48 hours

Stupid bee... now Vyne is okay now...


  1. Anonymous2:57 AM

    luoya ni vyne oi, oke na sya?

  2. oo..pero hangtod karon. favorite gihapon siya sa bee...basta aware nami.. allergy siya. si harvey gipaak sa tiil..daw sa wala lang gid....

    Musta naman imong gwapa nga anak?


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