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I was TAG...

I owe a TAG from a dear friend Nalyn, a.k.a. Allen, DailyZen, & Ana Banana??? Where is that name come from? I’ve known her for 15 years now and I have not heard she used that name until she started to update her blog. Anyways, as a long time promised here’s the tag, bare with me into this as I am not used of tagging thingy…

I can only share this recent photo of mine here, taken during the motorbiking with the raiders. I have not taken a recent full picture because I just got so lazy from it? Or maybe I am just so not in the mood for picture taking. I do have other links where you can locate some pictures but if I’ll share it here, it would still be useless because all my accounts were set into PRIVATE. Sorry to say… To start with, I’ve known as NOVA obviously because that’s my nickname, although some people or close in my heart distorted it into some thing that they like to call me and in their own unique ways. Thanks guys, I have appreciated everything are doing [you know who you are]. I’m nearly 26 and engaged. Based, and working at my HomeTown- GenSan or known as a Tuna Capital in the whole Philippines, at the same time, also the same hometown of the World’s Famous Boxer PacMan. Petite, with great sense of humor, sometimes immature in other things [but I know how to deal with my responsibilities]. I love kids, I go freak out with them, and I just giggled when they’re around me. I love to sing, I love to eat and sleep. I’m a computer weirdo and love to explore just anything. I have lots of things in my head, but because its too crowded there [inside my head] I can’t do all of it at the same time, that’s why I choose to write them down one-by-one, organized would be the perfect term for it. Well, if I’ll tell u all about me here, it would make this tag boring and you might not be able to finished reading the whole entry. So don’t hesitate to ask me, if you want to know more about me of course!
I am a full time Secretary to the Vice President for Academics in one of the prestigious University in GenSan and my Alma Mater NDDU. I am employed for almost 6 years now. And if you want to know more about my job, the organizational structure might help you figure it out. VP Academics that’s where I belong.

I am not tagging anyone…
My apology to all, I don’t know how to do this linky thingy here… if you could teach me how, I would really appreciate it and will definitely change the last part of this tag.
Whew! And now I’m done Nalyn… I hope that I did it right here…
'til then...


  1. Anonymous4:00 PM

    t's such a great site. cool, very intriguing!!!




  2. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Thanks for this post, I am considering talking about the same in my blog.

  3. Anonymous3:16 PM

    how are you?

    Thanks for sharing, I have digged this post


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