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Being in a Raiders

Motorbikes are the most dangerous transportation in this planet. There are lots and lots of accident and deaths that cause of this machine. Even if how much you take of while in the road if others can’t be as careful as you do, still useless.

I have two brothers who were active in their motorbike organization. I heard them talking of how wonderful it is for them to get into as fast as 140/kmh. [We even reach that speed pretty much dangerous if you don’t go and just be as calm as the driver]. Guys were totally so feeling cool of that. And I could even imagine that it’s really that fast…140? Men… Geeezz… when I rode to a car with the speed of 100, it’s totally zooming and so fast… how much more to a motorbike? The only thing I can share is the experience and the happiness… [Call me crazy] but that’s what I felt.

I tried this things, I rode with my brother Eugene on his motorbike [raider 150] heading to Davao City, supposedly meet a friend. Even if the meeting didn’t turn out good, I have this amazing [call it dangerous] adventure in my life, Motorbike. The experience can’t be paid by anything; it’s a memorable experience that I will carry with me forever. Aside that I want more of it, it triggered me to get one bike on my own so I could speed up with these raiders. Hoping my father would let me, and my boyfriend would not be totally go crazy for this. But still its 50-50 if Jeff don’t want it, then so be it... I don't like arguments...

Pictures I can share...

resting at Shell in Digos

We are heading to SEAGULL

just can't get rid of taking clouds pictures...

there goes the raiders

even if how difficult for me to capture this but I tried my best

another stopover @ Caltex station

Finally, we're here

the restaurant

a very heavy rain from the outside

there goes the motorbikes, been washed by the rain

the last stopped way back to GENSAN...
its time to check for the gasoline and the gadgets..

yes, this is what I looked like without my sunglass

while waiting for them to tuned up...this is what I do...

looked familiar to you???... robo cop?
and a sunburn on my nose, some portion of my face
and to my arms...

'Til then....

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