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Adjacent Birthday Celebration…

Today, one of the precious woman in my life just celebrated her 57th Birthday, September 19, 2007, my mother Lilia a.k.a. Lily & Inday. They were so busy for the preparation of foods for her dinner party. I am not sure how busy they were, because obviously I’m stock in the office.. working.. So anyways, I want to shout to the whole universe, that I have the most wonderful mama. She’s been always there for me, inspite the fact that she’s very very strict when I was still a minor; I’m sure that mothers just want the best for their kids especially to their daughter. I know, we have a lot of uncommon things, but I’m still so proud of this woman who gave me life and showed me how wonderful to be living in this world. Words aren’t enough to describe of how thankful I am and be part of her life. I wish, hope and pray to God Almighty that He’ll give more strength and good health to this precious woman in my life. Ma, I love you to death, and I would give my life for her as much as she had given hers to me.

A day before Ma’s natal [September 8, 2007], it’s my niece Precious birthday, she turned 8 now and I’m sure they are celebrating it with my sister’s whole family. Too bad, I didn’t get the chance to ask some photos on her celebration, they are located in Laguna. Happy birthday baby, I’m sure she’s happy with her friends and family there.

Precious Mordido @ KCC rides
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I love this people....

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