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I was left @ HOME

Usually I joined my family to the trips they planned I don’t care where it is, as long I’m with them ‘cause I love to be with their company and I really appreciated it that much. However, they have been planning a month ago visiting my SIL’s hometown @ Iligan City. I have been in that city for twice now, and it could be my 3rd times, unfortunately, I didn’t join them and they left this very early in the morning heading / land traveling with their own car. I was thinking, what if I joined them? Where are we now? And what kind of experience I might have and would added up into my memories? Too bad, I can’t answer those because I choose to stay home. What a boring life, I was even thinking to go and see myself one of the tourist spot they were telling me to see. The Tinago Falls, I never get the chance to go there when I visited twice, oh well hopefully someday soon I will finally see that spot. Other reason why I didn’t bond is that I have to fulfill my work first and I have to be here and comfort my bf since I told him something that really hurt him deep down inside his heart, that I’m pretty much sure it will give him a scar on it. I felt so bad about it even until now. Anyways, I’m sure my family will be having a great time like they have when they were in Baguio City and I was left again…huhuhu [sad]

Meanwhile, earlier that night, I got a text message or MMS message from this unknown number. I don’t know who was it because obviously it wasn’t registered in my phonebook, not until I listened to the song. First, I was hesitant to play/open it because; I was really scared it might be a spreading virus that these people have been spreading into mobiles and pc’s. Good thing, it was from a very familiar voice and she’s singing “Way back into Love” and our “Pambansang Awit” I kept smiling until it’s done. It was Tarryn Maeve Jo, my friend Twinkle’s daughter; I think she’s 3 years old, so funny and cute. Along with that, Twinkle sent me thru MMS a picture of them taken @ Gaisano Mall of Gensan grocery and when I saw it, I was bursting out of laughter. Thanks to this high technologies and Twinks, that just helped my night better. I tried to post the sound clips here, but I’m still trying to do what I can do with it, since its not accepted in photobucket…hahahaha…too bad.
Twinkle & Tarryn

Since, I was left at home with my younger brother Ian and our new adopted. I decided to make breakfast for us. And its one of my favorite food, AMPALAYA, only few people who likes to eat this fruit. Honestly, I don’t eat that fruit either not unless it will be cooked with an egg with it or some pork on it. The taste is bitter but I have liked that taste if it’s cooked that way, besides, it’s good for your health too, to avoid having Diabetes illness.

Ampalaya is a vegetable grown throughout the Philippines. It is mostly cultivated, although wild forms can be found. It grows wild in the remote areas of Mt. Banahaw. As the English name suggests (bitter melon), the melon has a bitter taste due to the presence of momordicin. There has been much research done on the effectiveness of using Momordica Charantia in the treatment of diabetes. It has been shown to increase production of beta cells by the pancreas, thereby improving the body’s ability to produce insulin. It has been recommended by the Department of Health of the Philippines, as one of the best herbal medicines for it's ability to help with liver problems, Diabetes and HIV. It is a common herb used in Chinese herbology. In the Philippines, the leaves are often used for children's coughs. It is also used in the treatment of skin diseases, sterility in women, as a parasiticide, as an antipyretic, and as a purgative. Link:

This is what I cooked

I hope that helps, and hopefully someday when my bf will visit me here again, I could make him this kind of dish.
That’s it for now….
Thanks for reading…

‘til then….


  1. Nov,I have been to Tinago baya. I love it there. tago na tago kaayo. Hope you'll have a wonderful day and thanks for your walang sawa na visit.

  2. novs, palaway jud ka sa imong ampalaya? nag inusara ra diay ka diha? pati si kuya rito niuban sab? oi wa ka mahadlok atong white lady novs? Hhehehe

  3. Merydith:
    Huhuhu...samutan jud akong kasuya..kay I know I missed it again, ambot inig bisita sa akong bf puhon diri sunod tuig, kay hopefully we'll visit the place again... I will really annoy my family and Jeff to see the place...hahahaha...suya jud ko ba..

    Hahahaha, day pag-luto diha kanang mga atoa diri imong bana bitaw walay pili, i'm sure nahan na siya ug ampalaya ug eury pud...
    Na, bahala na silag maglaruy-laroy sa among balay, basta away lang jud magpakita, sabagay hadlok na sila kay akong baba,di mapugngan.... nagmahay nlng noon ko nga wla ko niuban uy, i'm sure they're having a great time there....maglaway napud ko ani...huhuhu

  4. fiesta man iligan tom nov that's why your SIL wanted to go guro... My family usually go every san miguel's fiesta and back before my bday pero this time, pahuway akong lola, wa cya ni hagad larga sa akong papa kay kapoyan cya long trips pero she barely miss the fiesta jud didto... Mao gani na San Miguel St. among st. kay mao na amo patron saint...

    ampalaya, i used to hate but loved when forced to eat coz my my blood...hahaha sus bata pa ko pirmi ko force kaon ana hantod nasanay nalang, lami tong salad na ampalaya nov...hehe wa ko luto ana, di sad mukaon si nik... Pilian man sad ni cya pero mu experiment sad after a while...

    ayo2 dira nov!miss you mwah!!!! yawa internet 9 hours nawala kay naguba server...grrr...

  5. Ana:
    Yup, nag-uli jud sila kay fiesta didto, hay wa jud ko maka-experience nga mamista didto uy..karon na unta to ba, kaso ambot nabuotan ra pud ko sa akong work, na-guilty kon baga..hehehe... sige lang samtang buhi ta, damo pa panahon..puhon di na jud ko pauto.

    paras ta Ana, katong elementary ko, sabay og karne lang jud akong ginakaon pati mga fruits wala, maong taba-ching2 ko pero masakitong dako..hahahaha.. karon sos nlng lanlanon lang jud na..well, although wala ra gihapon ko naga kaon og leafy veggies....ambot kanus-a pa jud ko ba....

    sige lang, ur server will not be like OURS here, pathetic jud kayo, i was thinking to write a letter of complaint sa computer coordinator namo, sa ilang poor services...hehehe.. seminar sa ko ha? love you lots, talk to you later... miss you too...

  6. hala nindot man imo diri nga site. Kalami sa paliya. Ako bana gipakaon nako na hasta iya giluwa kay pait daw pati ako anak tawa lang ko.

  7. Genny:
    sos kalingaw ba tanawon...but, you can make one like that nga the bitterness of the ampalaya will gone.. just crust it with salt and then water after, later on when u cook it, i'm sure its not as bitter as it was before..


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