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A TAG & Mistica’s BDAY Celebration

A tag from this sexy lady JET.
Instruction. Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.
This is really tough, since I’m not familiar of these weird things that I do have. Might need help with ma frews outda’…hehehehe… this is really hard for me…hahaha…

1. I always scratched my head, even if it’s not itchy. Just something that makes my day complete.

2. I don’t like to be in a crowded place, because I’m feeling that all eyes were staring at me.
3. I have these weird thoughts inside my head about the futures.. its something like “What IF” issues…hehehehe…
4. I can eat a lot of FRESH LUMPIA, and I can eat it until I got full.
5. When I drink a beer, I used straw sometimes for fun… hahahaha….
6. When I make my coffee, its 1/4 hot and 3/4 cold, so I could drink it immediately...

I'm tagging.....

My Mahal Jeffrey


Last September 22, 2007, Mistica a.k.a. Myti invited me/us to come over for a dinner party at her place. It’s actually her mom’s birthday and not hers yet, she said they just combined the celebration at the said date. So, Twinkle came over to my office so we could go to Myti’s place jointly. I gave her cologne since I have no idea what to give her. We arrived at her place around 5:00pm and after 5 to 10 minutes or so here came Amor and the preggy Anne. They wanted to come earlier than we do, but Mistica stopped them because she’s too busy playing poker. We chatted and waited for the food to be serve…hehehehe… we were all starving since we didn’t have our snacks, and as for me, I don’t have my lunch yet so I was totally starving, well I got lazy to go out and have lunch…hehehe…besides the smell of the food were just so tempting that tells us all to eat them… the roasted pig??? Whoa… I so love in the rib part, thankies Mistica took her camera and took us photos.
The birthday girl....Mistique
Twinks, Me, Jack [Mary Anne's hubby], Mary Anne and Amor

Twinks and me, we were trying to get a good pose and
we are the first visitor

Just for fun look, I tried to give a good tantalizing eyes...hehehe..
turns out its not working at all.. I looked like drunk...

Me & Jack, Mary Anne is busy with the food...hahaha

Me & Amor, I looked soo taba-ching-ching na jud..[chubby]

Me, Anne [who is so busy with the food again] Jack and Lalai, Mistica's SIL

Finally, we are settled with our own foods on plates

Thanks for reading... That's it for now...

'til then...


  1. You will know if your accepted in PPP because they will send you an email the one that you give them when you sign-up in your email... If dont have yet sign-up in PPP just click the banner of PPP in my blog and you will be taken there.

  2. Nova suya kaayo ko sa mga pagkaon. Anyways, the guy in the blog, artista to siya sauna sa nagdako pa. He was one of the member of Sea Quest. Unya pagka early to mid 20's bura na laos na ba so he couldn't take it anymore, naghikog. Sayang lagi.

  3. Hi Nova,

    makibonding ka sa mga friendship mo dyan coz when you get here you'll gonna miss your friends terribly at mahirap ng humanap ng true friends here. Takecare!

  4. Genny: Hay day, impatient ra jud tingali ko uy...hehehehe.. how long does it take ba para ma-approved nila ang akong link??? hehehe.. kay gusto nko makita ang akong katag ani ba, kung pasado ba jud ko or not uy...wala paman hinuon ko makadawat og email sa ilaha gikan.

    Lagi Ms. Mery kay his really a familiar guy.. Sos, nlng jud niya no.. wala nlng siya nangita lain nga raket? di pa unta siya magsuffer for an eternal life... ug iya nlng unta kong gipangita? char...hehehehe.... dali diri Ms. Mery kay lutuan takag imong mga nalawayan...hehehe...

    Huhuhu... now, I'm feeling so sad jud ba, I'm so bond with all of my migas and migos ra ba jud diri ay...and of course to my family, hay ug makaya pa nko nga mawalay sa ilaha nga wala ra ba jud ko malayo sa akong hometown og tuig uy....kapaet...saon nahigugma man tag layo, maong dawaton ug kayanon nlng....


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