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You Think I Can Do This?

Last night [13th of September] an old best friend way back High School texted me about a job vacancy. Well, actually it’s her sister’s company; they needed 3 Encoder for the Sagittarius Mining. I have this in mind a long time ago of looking for a new higher job payment. Since I’m living here in these small city, I have no chance I think of achieving that privileged position I’m aiming to have someday. And I want to earn not just for me to get and buy what I need but to help myself to get closer to my boyfriend. Practicality nowadays, we need to work our butt hard enough inorder for us to have a brighter future and for our family as well. We have to work double time if possible so we can provide all the needs we want in life. We must have a job that will pay as high salary to be satisfied for everything. Life is just so expensive I guess, and because this is an opportunity for me, I decided to tell Cecilia that I can take that job. I texted Mistica a friend and Lovelyn a former college classmate I have to help this girlish because I know they needed it as much as I do. Honestly, I can pass this opportunity to others who needed more than I do, because I don’t have any responsibilities yet aside from myself and a little bit help for my parents [although they really don’t need such things].. Well see about that after I talked to my friend’s sister about the contract.

Moreover, as a brief knowledge about the said job, they look for 3 encoder because it will be a shifting work. I have been thinking that I’ll go for the night shift, after my work in at school which ends at 5:30 pm, I have planned ahead to start at 6:30pm and it ends up at 2:30am everyday. Whew! Do you really think I can work 16 hours everyday? 3 hours to sleep everyday? Or am I sort of killing myself…Disadvantages: might not see my friends…my family and might be even more exhausted to my dearest fiancée Jeffy…hehehehe… but well see about this, and hopefully that I will love it. I will decide things once I’m done with the orientation. I just thought about it because aside from earning more, I’ll also have another job experience for future use. Hopefully that they will absorb and give me a chance in this job, it’s not for permanency, it’s only a contractual for a month and if they liked your performance they will absorb you until the month of November. Keeping my hand cross for this and wish me luck too…
Thanks for reading….
‘til then….

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