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A Birthday Blast for My Sister Gladys

I wanna give a shout to the whole world for my Sister Gladys Queen’s 33rd birthday today October 07. She was with her whole family in San Pedro Laguna, good thing our elder brother Rito visited them for 1 week due to company seminar. She’s the most wonderful friend I could ever have in my entire life. Advantages of having a sister, is that you have someone whom you can share everything, and I mean E V E R Y T H I N G. I love you so much sista… and thanks for being a RULE model to your siblings. Hopefully, I can visit you and your family sometimes this year.


  1. naki birthday ko... unsa handa?
    taga Davao City diay ko Nov. naa ko diri karun sa kamaisan sa PA. hehehehe.. mingaw oi. i add nako ning imong link.

  2. Happy birthday yo your sistah Nova...musta naman?

  3. Oki ra ipalusot ra nko ang imong bahin, hehehehe...

    Aw, kung taga Davao ka, asa man ka banda? sige mi diha Davao eh, kay akong parents diha migrate sa compostela valley,

    Ikaw musta man ang kaminyoun? na-add na pud taka...

  4. gwapasila:
    Ito same routinary works everyday in my life, layu pajud sa BF pastang lisuda kay di ko maka-cuddle anytime i want...whatta life uy.. kalisud jud...

    pero i'll live...hehehehe..


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