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Blog of the MONTH


Last week, I got an AWARD from a very nice pal Juliana, thanks girl for considering my page as one of the good blog you spotted. I’m overwhelmed with this one and for the good pick… I’m presenting to you the award… hehehehe… exaggerating it lang po… I’m keeping it…

Month of October 2007

And now, the time comes that I have to announce here the blog that really inspired me so many things. The owner who motivates me to make my own page more uhmmmm…. Nice, inspiring, touching, extremely exciting just like mine..hehhehehe are: YOU GUYS IN MY LIST, BECAUSE WITHOUT YOU WHO VISITS ME HERE OFTEN, I WOULD NOT HAVE AN INSPIRATION TO DO WHAT I CAN DO IN EVERYDAY LIFE. YOU ALL DESERVES THIS AWARD AS MUCH AS I HAD IT…hehehehe… *hugs*

May you all have a wonderful weekend like mine, I'll be hearing for you soon....God Bless.. Keep Smilin'.. Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  1. hi...thanks for droppin by...ill add you to my links...

    do you mind if we exlinks?

  2. Thanks for the visit... sure we can exchange links...



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