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Coping up

[Warning: This is a very long entry]
I was out in the office for 2 consecutive days, because we [our company] had this Annual Seminar. So, I was way behind from updates guys. My apology, sometimes we just can’t stop things beyond our control. Well the fact is I can skip the Seminar but it’s my lost as well, aside from that I will be left from their topics and at the same time I will miss the fun and free from workloads… hehehe. So I grabbed the chance and now I have to cope up with my updates.
From our Seminar:
ê We have on an “Effective Communication in the Institution” topic, which is a very useful to anyone even if you work or just at home. This way, it will enhance your skills or way of communication to everyone.

not quite having fun eh...

blimey, what an art eh?

ê Got a new dance, although this was a way back months old already, finally I / we got the whole video and on how to dance this. I sure hope that whoever sees them might want to teach their kids at home. Oldies, have a great time to keep dancing this kind of dance while we are on our seminar…
I am totally back to serious workloads again, since boss is back from consecutive conventions in different places in the country. No more, easy and laid back days at work, [those days are over Nova] Nightmares are here again…hehehe.. I’m pretty much sure that I will be very dreadfully busy here, hopefully that I can update my blog as much as I can. Well see won’t we?
However, inspite of the hectic workload, I still get to accept jobs. Sideline jobs, small business and because I’m a BS Computer Science degree holder, I have the skills to manipulate the computer and at the same time, [although we are not totally focused with graphic designing] I came up on making a special kinds of invitations and cards. Curiosity and explorations of others works and combined them and make my own unique output. So let’s go back to this small business/ sideline I got. I made a wedding invitation from Mistica’s non-biological brother is going to get married this Saturday. Imagine she gave me the job Sunday and as if I don’t have this awful work? Next time Mistica, you should give me an allowance so I won’t be staying up late at work and do all the stuff and won’t be rushed for everything….hehehehe…that’s okay, but please next time give ma sometime/ enough time allowance. Good thing that I have the gift of doing my work accurately… Char! Hehehehe…

[sample here taken by Nova]
before connecting from one page to the other.

its all done..

Furthermore, I have received AWARDS from these two awesome ladies, MeryDith & Dauphine. I was really touched as in to the bones, when you guys awarded me with these. A word isn’t enough to give to both of you, and to keep up the good job always. Regularly, I want to thankful that you considering me, I do appreciate it A LOT. Although this is an overdue appreciation.
Now, it’s my time to pass this Award to this people, thanking for the often visit on my page and for the warm messages you left on my page, which I always am so excited to read every time I open my page. If you have received this award already by someone who gave it to you first than I do, you don’t need to repost these again. My point is to thank each and everyone for the visits and for the support [char!] you all gave to me.
And for the finale… Gi-Tag ko ni ever sexy ALLEN…
The rule is to choose three questions among the given that you want to answer and post your own question as fourth for the next ones you'll tag to answer. The ones you tag should answer the question you've posted making his/her post 4 questions again as choices for the next person!
1st question is: Why men don't love shopping as much as women?
Some men, don’t like shopping because they were more particular than woman, they have a fix mind into some item and buy it no matter how cost it will be.

2nd questions is: Why women love purses, lots of shoes, jewelries, makes up or anything they could think of to shop for themselves?

Because we used it for our fashion, our uniqueness to individual, and also it gives us the options which one to use.

3rd question from Daily Zen a.k.a. Allen: If you had to move to a different country outside of the USA, which country and why?
Uhmmmm… I really don’t have a specific country in mind though, but shall I say I’ll stay here in Philippines. Why? Even if I’m already located here, I could find that this country is the most laid back country in the whole world, we can’t blame of the very poor economic because the governments here were so greedy and selfish. But the places and the culture and the people and its traits are awesome. There is no other country that would be the same as Philippines…hahahaha… MABUHAY KA AT MABUHAY DIN AKO!!!
My question is: You were been into many fights with your very close friends. And because of that, one of your very close friends would tell you something like “we’re just keeping you because we have the same circle of friends and we can’t avoid you”. How will you feel? What will you do? Would you still stick of that friendship? And Why?
Thanks to my wonderful Jeffy for his direct answer to this, in view of the fact that he don’t typically published his life..hehehe:
Jeffrey Hedges: if your my real wont want to avoid me.....if your really my friend, even if your angry at me...... you will still want to be my friend.. No matter what happens between us!!...... True friends will never let anything come between them.......and if something does come between them..........ill choose my friend.......... why??? Because true friends are hard to find......and even harder to keep.
Now I’m tagging this question to Myti napud, Ibalik nko ang tag kay Allen, Si Anna pud, Daff, MEL, Dauphine.
I’m done…. Whew!!!
Thanks guys…
‘til then…


  1. hi nova thanks for the award i'll grab it

  2. Rosemarie: your always welcome,

  3. Hova thanks for the award... TC

  4. Anonymous10:13 AM

    hahaha it is indeed a long entry..but i enjoy reading the dance too..hahahaha anyway happy thursday nova..

  5. hala na apil ko dire sa imo award Novs? Thank you kaayo oy! Ayu ayo diha and good luck sa PPP!

  6. Genny:
    Welcome always, everyone deserves to have an Award right? and I choose not only ONE but ALL instead, because I'm sure that its not just the one person, but these people who always exchange messages or informations to each other..isn't that wonderful? thanks for the visit Gen...

    Janine: Hahahahaha. u can grabe that dance if you like too, i have been dancing that at home with my niece and nephews, u know somewhat like to relieve some stress...hehehe...

    Of course misis, your included in it, everyone does right? because I do thank everyone for the messages and for the entries in our day by day life...TC always.. thanks for the visit ha...

  7. Hiya..thanks for the award...appreciate it.

    Truth be told, I actully miss going to these company/school seminars and what not. I hate doing presentations at the end of each seminar but I miss the bonding with co-workers/teachers.

    Looks like you had fun...good for you...

  8. Juliana:
    True day.. pero, I just dont like the kind of sharing in front thingy... hahaha... manul man gud si manang and i'm paranoid, too bad i have this very low self-confidence which i'm working on it lately...anyways... i just much fun...

  9. hello... hastang taasa dyud diay. hehehe.... lili lang ko kadyut. basa ginagmay... ayu ayu!


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