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Got two AWARDS today...

Beautiful Site Award

Early this morning, I have a good day because I do appreciate all these ladies who came and visited my page. Even be thankful for the awards and compliments you all gave me. I could not thank you more that much because honestly, guys there are no enough words to express the grateful you make me feel everyday… [whoaaa… I’m so drama noh? But it’s true]… so today, I am so thankful that I received another awards from this gorgeous ladies and given to me at the same time too… Francine girl, Thanks a bunch…

FaBuLoUs AwArD

RoseMarie thanks for keeping me in your head always, whenever I have something new on my page you were there to remind me and appreciate my works. Thanks a bunch… keep it up, and thank you for being so thoughtful.

I have found other pages that were also interesting and good and this time, I have to thank them as well for the tips, challenge, and encouragements this page gives me: I am sure that other pages as got this fabulous award and I’ve been appreciated this friends I met online, [you know who you are] and the forever thank you will always be given to you all.

I’m passing this award to these sexy ladies here:

˜ Nalyn of MyDailyZenEtc for giving me challenges to do other things.

˜ Mistica of MyLifeAndMyLoveOfLife for reminding me how sweet and cornets and etc to be inlove [hehehehe]

A very big thanks to ALL of you guys.. *hugs*

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