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What's inside my bag?

Gi-Tagged ko ni miss Jean wanting to sneek what’s inside ma bag? Check it out..

Whoaaaa…. There you go… hehehehe… I’m using pack bag now since my shoulder bag just can’t carry all of this, and when I weighed it? I’m carrying 3 ¼ kilos everyday in my life…hehehehe…

A pouch full of wirings like: charger of phone, USB cable of phone, MP4 player, USB cable. A pouch full of hair clips and lip gloss. Wallet, Organizer, Company ID, comb, pen, small notebook, my 2 cellphones – one for my person, one for the business. A brown pouch for coins & cellphone. A pink flower pouch for another cellphone, cologne, 2 pieces of hankies.

Now, tell me Mistica , Allen, & Daff, what's inside your bag?


  1. Nova, like most ladies here ako tawon walay bag. Susie ra ug celphone mao ra haha so I don't know kung unsaon nko pag answer sa imong tag haha! kabalo naman ka sa ako diba dati na akong moolah naa ra sa akong bulsa-kumot tanan? lol!

  2. ill do this gwaps on my multiply...will take pix of whats inside my bag...haha for some reason, gamay ra sulod but still its heavy!haha ambot ang bag tingali

  3. daily zen etc:
    bitaw, i can't forget sa imong style ato uy...diha gud ko nag-idol sa imong style "punk" hehehehe... unya mangahulog imong kwarta pud inig kuot..whoahahahaha.... do u still do that until now???

    sige, ann, its good nga makita nko sud sa imong bag..hahahaha... ako kay ni-shift na jud sa back pack saon gasakit na akong abaga sa shoulder bag, og kamot inig bit-biton nko...


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