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Ending up with No Opps

I have a sad week days, because it’s another end of the week without any opps taken, when I got the chance to grab it, all post were already taken. Where’s the justice? Hehehe… well that happens because the server / connection I had here in the office were really messing up. I don’t do it at home since I don’t have my own personal computer; well actually we have a desktop but my younger brother needed it more than I do with this sideline incomes. Oh well, I have to wait and be patient until I get back in the office to check for an available slot. Hehehe, honestly I was dismay because I really have no open slot and I don’t have any chance to grab any for now.. that’s life I guess.

And for all of you, may you have a great and fun weekend as I will do it here with mine..

Thanks for reading…

‘til then…


  1. oh... thans for the well wish! have a great weekend to u too!

  2. ""rare jonrez""
    thanks for the visit here as well, have a nice days always..

  3. Hi nov how are you? hope everything is always

  4. @IVY:
    eto exhausted kasi nga lately i don't have some ads/reviews hopefully na meron, para naman kahit papano may kunting income. hows life natin jan?

    thanks sa pag visit dear ha?


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