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Friends I Do Badly NEED your OPINION...

I need your opinion here; please don’t hesitate to give out your comments and advices on this situation I’ve been handling this past few days. I always spend my Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve with my family in my hometown. In spite the fact that mostly of the family members were leaving far since they got married especially the girls. My sister in Manila told me before that her husband will not be spending Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve with them since my BIL will be going home on this hometown to attend an incoming high school reunion. That means, my sis and her 3 kids and a helper will be left in their house, without thinking and knowing the whole idea, I joked her to spend my Holiday with them. And without a pause she was overwhelmed of what I decided, and my problem is that I don’t want to miss my family back home although she’s my flesh and blood. I mean the enjoyment, fun with my cousins and the noise [as if there’s not firecracker there too] but still the feeling that your not spending it with your parents. And now, she wants me to acquire my plane ticket. I know I have committed to her already and I don’t want to disappoint my sister with this, because I’m sure that she’s also excited of me coming there again. What will I do? Please help me with this and I really need your opinions/ comments regarding this. I will really appreciate all your support. I’m hoping I could get ideas from you guys, in advance thanks a whole lot.

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  1. sis follow your heart kung san ka happy dun ka. Kausapin mo na lng sister mo na mas gusto mag christmas at new yr sa parents nyo.

  2. Anonymous5:06 PM

    day, mingaw keyo didto sa ila day 1 vs. 10 asa mas lingaw? syempre sa daghan right? why not tell her na sa january pohon nlng ka mag adto sa ila balik uban imong jeffy...

  3. @ Sarah;
    Thanks a much girl, I will take that advice, the problem now is how to start the conversation lang talaga, the next step will really follow... but i'm grateful you did give me ur opinion.. follow what your heart says, i will mean that...thanks again.

  4. @ Myti:
    Lagi day uy, that's what i've been thinking pud, patawagon na ko sa kong sisterist ay.. kaso lang i dont know how to back out... pero day, i will take your advice, isa pa muuli si gemma, sus nlng ang inum di mabang-bang.. hehehe...

  5. Goodluck...medyo mahirap nga yang sitwasyon mo...para bang you're between a rock and a hard place. Just be honest with her kasi kung di ka naman masaya going to her place kasi mas gusto mo sa parents mo, then she'll probably notice.

    Honesty is the best policy, di ba?


  6. hirap nga nyan sis! just be honest nlang sis and tell them na ur going to visit them some other time, ur sis will understand. Goodluck sis! :)

  7. @ Pinay Wahm:

    Hay naku, papano ko naman sabihin? mahirap lang talaga to create the first words, kakainis kung bakit pa kasi i joked about it... wala sana akong problema ngayon na ganito... that really helps me

    @ Eds:
    I will follow your suggest girl, thanks a lot... Just hoping that she would not get upset of my sudden change


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