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Quick look of THE BAND

I got the chance to upload some videos taken during the said “battle of the band” at the computer administration’s office. So I can share these captured videos, hurray!!! Be aware that due to the loud of the sound system and quick look of the whole video. Enjoy… and give me your comments…Geezzzz…. Check these out:

I think I sung "Just a Girl" here

Spiderweb??? not sure

Whooaaa... this is it, pretty embarrassing while I'm looking at our video. I hope you find this entertaining. I'm getting the full video soon.


  1. Anonymous3:59 AM

    thanks for sharing this one! More power to you!

  2. oo, welcome, once i got the whole video, i'm going to upload it sooner... thanks girl... ingatz

  3. Anonymous9:23 PM

    thanks for sharing day, good job. Have a nice weekend dha.

  4. You've got some talent.Keep it up.
    Have you tried singinng abroad??

    I miss singing with a live band.There's so much energy and excitement.

    Looking forward to the rest of the video.

  5. oi sis great singing sana mas clear nuh maugong pero aliw ako sa pag watch ng videos mo

  6. ~mheldz:
    thanks a lot mheldz. hope, i could try to sing once i'm on NY, but i'm not sure yet... pangit lang ang sounds kasi nga malapit sa sound system fren ko na kumuha thru the digicam...

  7. @allen:

    No probs, sooner i'll have the full video access and i'll try to share it for sure...

  8. @Sarah:

    oo, when i was watching my moves? i kept thinking to myself that i was been possessed by something.. hehehe... i'll try to upload the full coverage once i have it in my hands...thanks a lot...

  9. You can be whatever u want to be in the US & NY is such a cool place , u'll love it there.

  10. @ ~mheldz:
    I bet, but i'm not sure yet, kasi nga i'm more prefer to my boyfriend [family] than any career that might lose my family instead.. i have a deep conversation with my soon to be partner in life. and hopefully will be blessed once i will be given a chance...

    what about you? i've read your profile that you do sing... did u still continue singing?


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