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Undas 2007 in the Philippines

I know, this is an update of our Undas here [All souls day]. Yearly when the calendar strikes 1st of November, we pinoys [Filipinos] are busy for the preparations of this once a year event. Those beloved ones who departed the earth were considered saints. My family celebrated it at the park where my nephew, grandpa and uncle laid. We have all this foods for the overnight stay, big tent, sleeping tent, folding beds, tables and chairs for us to be more comfortable. Generally, people spent the night joining and remembering their departed ones. It’s totally not scary because aside from having thousand of people there, they conducted activities and it’s really loud at first. I got even lucky twice because my named was been pulled out 2 times and got a plate price. Hahahaha, I never get it myself instead I asked someone I know and pretend she’s me and took the price. I’m spending the Undas 2007 with the whole family, relatives and cousins who played poker the whole evening. It was really fun and you wouldn’t feel boredom because of the activities the management prepared for the activity. Around 7am we packed up and left the place.

Sorry for a very delayed update on this. I hope you do find this interesting though, check out the pictures to see more:

The tent for youngster. oldies? have to stay outside

Cousins and relatives after the dinner

That's where the stage located, in front of our graveyard

Father and Son, Kuya Rito with Harvey

Behind them were some crowded tents

Sector B area is almost occupied,
that's what it looked like during days like this comes

Lance's graveyard

In that place where I sleep, I took over her place

Nagpapacute lang po...

Another one....

Finally after the last attempt, I did smile...

Thanks for reading... May you all have a great weekend...
'till then...


  1. Natatakot na nga ako sa new changes and new pace of my life and what would it look like once i'm spending it with my man, i surely will gonna miss my family back home, ako pa na i've never been far away with my family, even if we have 3 days retreat at school, i'm missing home so badly na, how much more that it would took me day to get back home. i'm sure months and years will be hard for the changes but i do hope that my man is there for me to comfort me... kapait, kay nahigugma man gud tag layo, unsaon i love having blue eye kids and having a blue eyes husband... hehehe malingaw ko sa color man gud..

    And for the papers, Thanks i do needed that.. hopefully it will process smoothly and continuously.


  2. Copied message of Looks like you all had fun. What a beautiful smile too.

    Bag-o ra diay ka naka uli didto sa ato ug Holiday pa jud not just a Holiday but its a family Holiday pa.

    Have a great weekend Nova and thank you very much for linking me up too. I appreciate it. ;)

    Meron pala akong award sau, just get it here.


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