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Comfort food

I was tagged by Ms. France girl Francine, kinda delayed but I’m making the most of it girl, thanks a bunch for this starve food tag, or what’s the perfect term to be used for this. Here's two of my comfort foods.

Palitaw as you all known, its a wheat and boiled in a hot water with white sugar and a grinned coconut. I prefer it this was than not using a grinned coconut.

Nilagang Baboy [Boiled meat] with cabbage and potatoes on it. I can eat a lots when this is serve during meals.

Let me pass this gracious comfort food tag to Daff, Sweetie_Texas, Michelle, Mabelle, Chari and Chalyza.


  1. naa pay sobra aning imong sud an dai gigutom gyud ko ba wala koy kan on ug sud an pwede ko nimo tagaan maluoy ka nako woi heheheeh

  2. lamia gud ani ba....tagai ko beh! gutom kaayo ko dah.

  3. omg sarap nito miss ko na nilagang baboy lalo n yung taba

  4. @Darlene:

    Dali dire day, kay lutuan jud taka og busgon sa akong mga pagkaon... kuhita ra ko kay nagahagok pa akong lubot diri...

    thansk for the visit jud...

    merry xmas to u adn ur whole family...

  5. @Mabelle:

    Kuhara na diha day, kay naa paman ko daghan ani diri... hehehehe

  6. @Sarah:

    Sis, try mo lutuin for your hubby na rin.. i so love that, i could totally eat a whole rice cooker of rice... hehehehe...


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