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ME and Best Cousin Gemma

She’s been away from home for 4 years as she was working at Lebanon. After years of missing her hometown, family and cousins, we finally saw her again. The same old Gemma, she’s my first cousin, a year older than me but we totally get along with each other anywhere. I love her so much, we spend so much time together and now I’m gonna miss her a lot since, she’s leaving sooner and go back to Lebanon to work again. We did have so much fun together. I love you Got!!!

again she wake me up this day, and slept beside me.. which I like

yup, she's kinda what you think.. but she's good to me..


  1. nice pics ..."she is kinda wat u think"-->lol ,wat did u expected us to think

  2. probably a gay... whoahahahahaha... if you noticed how she act or by the way you just looked at her, obviously different from the usual girlash...

  3. wa jud nagbag-o si agot ba. Walang kupas kumbaga! :D E regards nlang ko niya novs. Happy New year! :)

  4. @ ALLen

    Sureness jud len.. i will... nangumusta diay to siya nimo? kung payat pa daw gihapon ka? ana ko nga wala na himsog pakas pagang do!!!


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