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Night Life with Cousins

Saturday, 5th of January 2008 I went to visit my cousin Gemma at their house since she kept texting me where I was the whole day that day. And since I have work, I told her that to wait for me at her place and I’ll be the one to go there.

After work, even if I’m pretty tired from the whole day browsing for the itinerary for my Jeffy’s second visit here, I still went to see Gemma. We did chat and helped her on her laptop for some tutorials in many things. *wink*

Moreover, after hours of tutorials and chatting, I decided to go home since I haven’t eaten my lunch yet and it’s almost dinner time and I’m deadly starving to death. However, she texted me as well as her older sister Celine came by and told me to go out that night and visit the usual bar they’ve been too. So we went to CASADO name of the bar here where, I do find it nice but not really what I expected, ilang mga dancers? Very lousy, unlike what I saw on television, they have a gifted nice body but the performance, makes me fall asleep…. Ehehehehe… hinawayon ba ko? Pero I’m just telling you exactly what I saw inside that bar.. Everything is lousy.. What we did was just to enjoy ourselves with couple of drinks which my cousin Agot [Gemma] treated us. Inspite of that, we did have a very nice night life. Thank you Got, I had a blast Saturday Night.. love you lots.. Mwah…mwah…

Photo by Gemma's Brother In Law
Gemma and ME

Celine, Me and Gemma

Another blurry picture...

Another memorable nights with dear cousins....

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