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Taking off for awhile...

Yup, this means I will be away for weeks to be with him and spend time with him as well. Hoping that this will be a forever together.. you know what I mean. *wink*.. I'm gonna miss you all, and soon after this leave I'll make it all up to you.

Thanks for reading..

'Til then...


  1. enjoy your long vacation with your jeffey.

  2. wow! enjoy girl.... invite sana kita for my bday party hahahahaha ... anyway I'm wishing you all the best! I hope to hear from you soon that your going to settle down na (*wink***) hehehehe

  3. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Yay, enjoy sweetie. I can only imagine when both of you are together. he-he-he.

  4. enjoy with your jeffey.hehehhe..

  5. hello novs! I guess you are enjoying your vacation now.

  6. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Hi dear, kilan ang balik mo, miss ka na namin. Konteng ingat ha, he-he.

  7. Anonymous9:51 AM

    I am here again Nova. Nangungumusta lang at naglilibot sa mga links ko.

  8. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Hi Sweetie, cge biya kog duaw diri pero wala nalang ko nag leave message kay nag sunod naman ni akong ngalan oi, kakahiya naman, he-he. Musta na Nova, pila ka weeks nag stay si darling nimo diha?

  9. @RoseMarie:

    halo day, i did jud taman sa among mga ginhawa... its really amazing when your totally beside with the man you truly love.

  10. @Pretty Life Online:

    Superb enjoyable jud akong paguban napud... day, belated happy birhtday naatul man pud gud nga wa ko diri uy.. sunod tuiga puhon nlng ko imbitaha....

  11. @ Raquel:

    Halo Misis, i'm totally back for work again, too sad nga eh. its like its not enough pa talaga ang 3 weeks.... huhuhu.. but i had so much fun together with him...

  12. @Idealpinkrose:

    hi sis, musta na? i do have fun into everyday talaga with my super duper lovable man... hehehehehe....

  13. @Sheilalu:

    Hi, i really wanted to try water rafting but i was really dismay and my man was totally discourage of the given price offered to us, and to find out that cost of it when i tried to inquired to them back again.. .they gave us double price as what was stated... huhuhuhu...

    inspite of the disappointment, i had fun with falls from Iligan city...

  14. @Raquel:

    Bago lang talaga ako back to work, and lots of things to catch up. hehehehe.. pero i wont be forgetting to visit you, missing you all too...

  15. @Raquel

    I am soooooo touched sa imong pagbisita nko always. you surely misses me alot jud ba.. hehehehe.. he'll be here for 17 days bitin pa nga eh... kasi gusto ko to be with him na talaga...

  16. Anonymous2:30 PM

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