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What Makes me feel So Disappointed lately...

I was really disappointed when I heard my family saying or showing they don’t really trust me of the decisions I want to make for my life here. The things I should be able to decide and some little bit consent to them. I know I’m physically acting immature but that doesn’t mean that I’m also immature of big decisions to make. I wish to live my life alone in order to experience life and how to deal things on my own without depending things on or with them. And now I’m making this big decision of going with someone for 2 days without any chaperon, and since we have a SNAKE at home, she’s the one whose making everything worst. Being so negative to my family, gossiping words that shouldn’t be, too bad I’m a very stubborn child and I will listen and do what I want to do. I don’t care what she’s going to tell me but I would definitely prove she’s wrong and all she can do is lie and give out incorrect details.

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