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Jeff’s Vacation #1 – The Arrival

I was totally overwhelmed when the 13th of January 2008 arrived. Why? Because I’m meeting my fiancée again for the 2nd time, imagine for 17 days with him makes my heart smiles a lot, he took it in order to cope up the lonesome days and to be happy and have so much fun with him. Picked him up at Davao airport, eat breakfast at a Japanese Restaurant where we found out in that area they have a preserve Japanese Tunnel Museum, a historic place where the Japanese base during the World War and at the same time some capture prisoners who was been kept inside their mini jail. Pictures are as follows:

Powered by FujiCam...

Outside the Japanese Tunnel

Before you can get inside the tunnel,
a Japanese Woman will greet you... Just kidding!!!

The exploration starts here...

Behind us is where they found a treasure, that is only a statue for a reminder

Oh yeah, this area is where they held their meetings,
in short it's their conference room...

In this whole, where they also found another treasure, I think 50 years ago
Now it is full of water inside it, the deep of this hole is 20 feet.

Jail, the metal was not really in there,
they just substitute what was been putted before

Minerals, where you can actually seen inside the cave

Too dark to capture some inside pictures.

The Volt, it's where they kept there weapons and treasures

This area is where they keep their people and treasure,
they were hundreds who stay inside this tunnel.

The first episode of our trip has just begun. I will share more so you will be with us during our journeys to explore the wondrous of the world... Please bare with me on my next tale.

To be continue….

Thanks for reading…

‘til then….


  1. Wow, this is lovely! I've been to Davao many times but I havent heard of this place. I'll ask my friend about it. She's from Davao. The next time I'll be in Davao, I'd sure visit this tunnel...

  2. aw.. mau diay na ang japanese tunnel? wala pa pud ko kaadtu dira. sa may Super Highway man yata na. hay.. mura man kug dili taga Davao oi! hehehhe...

  3. @Sheila:

    I have never heard of this either until such time, well, a friend who showed us where to have breakfast and i told us that there's this historic place where we can eat at the same time visit the museum after... i was really amazed.

  4. @Emz...

    Day Emz, sige lang uy.. masking ako ma-shock nga may mga historic places diay sa dapit nga akong gikataw-an saon mao lagi ning was tay earth kay di ta magsigeg latagaw...

    hehehehehe... u should visit it someday...


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