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Jeff’s Vacation #2 – Days to spend alone @ Eden Nature Park

After exploring the Japanese Tunnel we proceeded to Eden Nature Park located at Davao City, it is on top of mountain area that's why is has an overlooking scene of Davao City which is a man made and they are preserving and improving certain spots to enhance their nature park. It will take you less than an hour to get there with a taxi or your private car and let the cab send us to our first adventure of Natures. We stayed for 3 days and 2 nights from February 13 – 15, 2008 in the said park and explore the wondrous of its nature on what they can offer to each of its guest. Jeffy and I had so much fun spending time alone, the cuddling, and the laughter were once again reunited. I am sharing you some pictures that was been captured on this certain dates.

Small fish with chopped tomato, for breakfast

Dilis... Jeffy tried eating these

Overlooking scenery, from the outside of the resto

Swimming with Jeffy..

During Eden Nature Park's tour,
this is where the game show Deal or No Deal held while they have it in Davao

The Umbrella flower, good thing i got one with full of flowers in it.

Wishing Well...

Herb Garden, there were different kinds of herbs planted here

@ Lola's Garden, a Nipa Hut

@Lola's Garden, our national animal... carabao..

I forgot the name of this plant, but it can be found at Mt. Apo

Trying to ride on Indiana Jones, I got scared

There goes Jeffy, I think his having a good time with it...

We went back to Gensan after memorable days we spent @ Eden Nature Park. However, there are certain times that nothing is really perfect. We/I experienced dealing money with taxis and those people to whom you trusted turns out to end up into unhappy ending. I am not giving out specific names but I was utterly dismayed of what happened on our first tour.

So, to those who haven’t know much about a certain place, it would much better to know more about realities before you will end up into disappointment.


Thanks for reading…

‘til then…


  1. hi nov, ka nice sa lugar oi labina na ang bulad. hehe

  2. @ Emz:

    Hehehehehe... next time, we'll visit Pearl Farm, we went into that place during his first trip, so since we planned in a specific places maong we have to stick to it muna.. but someday again i'll drag him there...

    I'll do your tag later... thanks for giving me the exact URL.. saon i'm gone maong natabunan na tingali sa imong me recent entries

  3. @Michelle:

    Hehehehe.. nahan siya ato, he find it yummy daw.... nalingaw ko.. kaniya jud... thanks for the visit girl...

  4. @Allen:

    Sus len, its really hard to believe nga may mga pinoy jud nga may mga talento sa panloloko sa kapwa ba.. they won't be honest with you jud, and i found some pinoy's nga mutabang jud nimo nga di ka maliba sa uban... hayyy.. nlng jud. and one worst place? is in CDO we experienced the same thing jud.. as in, good thing is that we didn't pursue it, i'll share it on my updates.. when i get into that page na... hehehehehe..

    gibuhat nkog series among vacation/ trips para di kaayo taas...

    thanks for the visit girl... miss u

    1. Original Message from Allen:

      Guro nov kay na imong uyab americano ,they can rip you off- ana jud na diha sa ato ba. It's sad pero saon ang mindset kay ana na jud na sila. Anyway, beautiful photos! salamat sa pag share. Have a nice weekend diha.


  5. Nov ang buwad jud akong nakit-an ug una kay gipaibabaw man gud nimo. Pasuya jud intawon ko nimo. Galaway jud ko. Anyways, I know you are so happy right now. Sos enjoy each other kay mingaw jud kaau inig biya. Take Care !!!

  6. nice talaga jan sa eden park.. nakapunta na ako once.. hehehe


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