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~ Love and Hate Tag ~

I was tagged by Pretty Life online, Francine and Rosemarie with this Love and Hate Tag.. and now its my chance to pass this tag to: Denz, Marga, Chic, and Lynn. Buzz me guys if your done doing this wonderful tag.

1. I love to eat: pizza, roasted pig, crabs, big shrimps, desserts, sweets and chocolates

2. I hate to eat: veggie foods

3. I love to go: to travel and explore the wondrous of the world, to see different cultures

4. I hate to go: out and stay under the heat of the sun… mapagud ko

5. I love it when: I chat to my Jeffy and to my friends

6. I hate it when: friends just turn their back at me.

7. I love to see: my family and friends

8. I hate to see: people backfight people

9. I love to hear: romantic songs

10. I hate to hear: that people have to die.

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