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RoseMarie's and Denz Tagged

Hmmm…. I know I have millions of tag pending with you all women.. and I’m so sorry for the delayed since I have been encountering busy days and it will become more busier this next few weeks for I have to prepare lots of things in relation for my visa.
Rosemarie and Denz did tagged me this and to lessen some pending tags, here it is… I am not tagging anyone so far, but if you want to do this tag, please feel free to do it and inform me so I’ll visit your page and give you commentos.
Thank you for all your understanding with my situation lately, I will assure you when things goes well and normal, I will be updating and visiting you as always as I did.
  • 1. I love to eat: foods with no leafy veggies
  • 2. I hate to eat: exotic foods
  • 3. I love to: talk to my fiancé, cuddle with him and spend time with him
  • 4. I hate to go: when I’m not satisfied of my needs.. hehehehe
  • 5. I love it when: the man of my life showed me how much he love me.
  • 6. I hate it when: I can’t talk to him in one day, and when people gossips and backfight me
  • 7. I love to see: that things is always happy and right
  • 8. I hate to see: my baggage… hehehehe
  • 9. I love to hear: when Jeffy sings for me…
  • 10. I hate to hear: bad things about me which actually not so true.

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