SuPeRnOvA and SwEeTpAiN: ~ Vacation #3 – Bula Fiesta to meet High School Friends ~ | SuPeRnOvA and SwEeTpAiN
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~ Vacation #3 – Bula Fiesta to meet High School Friends ~

January 15, 2008 - After we checked out at Eden Nature Park, we headed to the terminal for a bus ride back home, so we would be able to get and attend Festival in Bula. Good thing that we left Davao early because it gave us the time to get rest from a 2 and half hours travel, whew! Our butt does hurts… hehehehehe…

Moreover, I was texting the people at home that Jeffy and I decided to go home on the next day. They have no idea that we are already in GenSan and on our way to see them. They were surprise to see us, and as usual when we have visitors who where from different place it’s like a whole barrio or the whole clan wants to see and meet them/him. That is what happened to Jeff, and even if they met him before? Again, I introduced each of my aunties and cousins who were at home. Jeffy’s reaction? His completely overwhelmed as he didn’t know that everyone was so glad to meet him. Smiling and nodding were on Jeff’s face; unfortunately he can’t remember all of their names. So I was like, that’s okay you don’t need to memorized all of it, time will help you with that.

And after the long tête-à-tête we decided to meet my High School Friends @ courtesy of Mary Ann Lozada-Pomperada’s place. We chatted, eat and laughed together with my fiancée. Like my family they were also glad to meet him finally and personally. Took pictures and then departed home after the long time. We really have so much fun during this meeting. All the foods and the jokes with different emotions floods at this night. Here’s some pictures to share to you folks.

Photo by FujiCam

Group Pic.. from left to right:
Rowena, Nova, Jeff, Mistica, Mary Ann, Genalin,
Down: Eden, Agot and Jack

Happy faces huh!!!! They just love to be taken

Kawawa naman ng bata... Have mercy Mistica.. your squeezing her face

Me and Jeffy... looked totally tired

The Virgins
except for the feeling virgin Eden [she's married]... joke.. love you guys...


Thanks for reading…

‘til then…

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