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~ 10 Things you must know about ME ~

Lynn's Chic Spot and Scotty's Princess gave me these amazing tag, which you would learn/ know about me. An interesting tag for everyone that you really want to get to know more about. Thank you for this and on the incoming tags as well. hehehehe.. Now I'm passing this to: PrEtTy_LiFe, Rosemarie_Deeply Inlove, JeAn, Fil-Am_Journey, Emz_Just another day and Edz_Voyage thru womanhood.

  1. While working, I chat with my fiancée online and blog, take reviews and surf, I can do more than multi-tasking at work. And finished my work at the same time without any pending.
  1. I don’t like to eat leafy veggies, I do envy those people who did eat veggies and watching them makes me contented.
  1. I get lazy sometimes and would prefer to sleep than eating too much.
  1. There are times that I would prefer sit alone inside my room than going outside and talk.
  1. I love kids, and I played with them, I don’t have any problems when they’re all around me.
  1. I can spend too much money for my fiancée like calling him abroad using my cellphone, and I would not care how much I spent, hehehehe..
  1. I love to eat and just spend money, sometimes I got stingy too but not on purpose, I just don’t like to spend that’s all… hehehehe.. weird?
  1. I had a very big dream of being a very successful singer someday and my target? Is in USA, since I thought that nobody know about me there.
  1. I love to watch cartoons instead of parental guidance movies.
  1. I don’t like to be notice… hehehehe…
Will you tell me yours?!?


  1. Anonymous3:50 AM

    thanks girl for the tag i'll do this soon!!!! Have a great day1

  2. this is a very nice tag Nova. salamat kaau ha! buhaton nako ni dayun. =)

  3. done with the tag sis! its in this link


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