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~ Filed for my Resignation ~

I was not planning to file for my resignation this early since I’ll be leaving by end of May this year. But due to the needs of my office and especially my boss, she wants to have enough time to find a new NOVA that would give her the satisfaction I had given her for almost 6 years. Whew!!! I am not sure if I’ll get a comfortable job in my new journey in U.S., a mixed emotions was what I’m feeling all of a sudden, when she finally approved it and forwarded it to the President’s office for approval. Soon, I will leave my old routine works, old but boring yet challenging works here. That’s life; a woman has to do what she has to do. I choose and dream for this and now it is all coming true, and I’m glad these all happens.

I’m sure I’ll be missing everything that I did here, the people, the place, the memories and the experiences that this company had brought me. Helped people in the knowledge that my Alma Mater taught me, but life must move on. I have to move on, start it with the man I have been dreaming to be with in another life and in another country.


  1. Hey Novs,

    It's always sad to close a chapter of your life even if it's not a so good chapter. How much more if it's a good one, di ba?

    You have one bright future ahead of you. Your life may not be the same again but it's for the better I guess. Like you've been dreaming of this your whole life and now it's finally here.

    Take care and goodluck.


  2. Good luck to another adventure in your life, sis.


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