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~ Had our Seminar Today ~

Today, we will be having our whole day seminar on Financial Management Seminar. This might be my last seminar to attend this semester since I am moving on so fast for the next couples of months. It is a very interesting seminar for everyone to learn and know more about life planning, budget and savings, investments, income protection and lastly the retirement. Philamlife is one of the most outstanding insurance companies here in the Philippines who wish to help and assist each Filipino on how to manage money to their daily lives. They have very amazing speakers who shared and at the same time explain things to us. Got some great reality situations on how to deal with your incomes, I’m telling / sharing you more about the seminar afterwards. Like them I might help you with what they bring and teach to us.

Money is the most obedient and hardworking servant But it is the most ruthless masters. It is by saving and not spending of what you are able to control it”

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