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~ I Finally Got my VISA ~

After our interview last March 3, 2008 start of the days of counting for our VISA delivery, and since I'm in the major cities, it will take me 3 days after the release of the US Embassy to wait and have in handed to me. Delbros texted me last 10th of March [Monday] that they will deliver my VISA a day or two. On the next day, 11th of March around 5:00pm, a guy came to the office and handed me my visa. The worry is finally over, and I have it on my hand the VISA that I have been waiting for. Thank God! In my excitement, I called up my best co-worker Mercy and showed her the passport. The next step for me to do now is to have my CFO seminar in Manila before leaving Philippines, because it is required by the immigration.


  1. Anonymous6:31 AM

    hi nova wow congratz girl ingat sa biyahe after a week darating na yun ingat ....congratulations.! happy wednesday....congratz once again

  2. hello Novs. Wow, congrats! I am so excited for you. Sorry, I wasnt able to visit you for quite sometime. I've been busy lately at work...

    Take care. GOD BLESS...

  3. Hi Nova...

    Great to read this news. Everything will go fast after this. Kainin mo na lahat ng favorite Filipino food mo kasi it will take a while before you will get to do that...haha.

    Merong Phil stores/restaurants here but iba pa din sa atin.

    Goodluck and welcome to the 'other side'...hahaha



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