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~ I Love Movies ~

Lately after my comeback here in Gensan after all the works and appointments I did in manila, I miss the one thing that I usually did. Watching movies, I go out with Mistica and for one week? We've watched the recent and sci-fi movies that help us feel more relax.

"The Water Horse"

Review Summary

Many lonely children yearn for a pet to call their own. In “The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep,” based on a novel by Dick King-Smith, a boy, Angus (Alex Etel), finds not only that, but a best friend as well, after the mysterious egg he stumbles across hatches a creature unlike any he’s ever seen. Adorable and full of mischief, his new companion, Crusoe, who looks something like a cross between a dinosaur and a snail, immediately adds spice to his drab life. Set in 1942 in coastal Scotland, the film consistently evokes an authentic sense of time and place and features remarkable computer-generated graphics work from Weta Workshop, the company responsible for the groundbreaking visuals of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. — Laura Kern, The New York Times

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" Jumper "

Tell’s about the gift of a boy and not just only he who have that gift but there are others who do have that gift and it will shows when a person ages 5. Samuel Jackson plays as a villain here. You should watch this.

" The Spiderwick Chronicles"

A story of magic extraordinary things within our environment and it is a well good for kids. I'm sure not only young children who will gonna enjoyed it but as well as adults.


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