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I thought I have it

I was so confident thinking that since I click the reviews online at blogivite, I thought I have it reserved. Nope! I was way wrong since I just clicked it to open in the other window without accepting it yet. When I came back to check it out, and reserved it was gone and means it was been reserved by others. I lost $15 in a way, means I didn’t take a careful look on it. Now, it’s a lesson for me on what happened here today, since I’m so into earning more cash for my soon departure. I tried refreshing the page hoping that I could at least got another set of the reviews but I think they’re done and its all been accepted. Now I’m kinda blaming myself about this, hope there’s another set, since I do have enough time to post more reviews today. Maybe better luck next time and a lesson learned from what happened to me today.


  1. Anonymous5:35 AM

    okay lang yan girl baka hindi lang para sayo yun. Ako i got 1 from smorty kasi nawawala agad hindi pwedi ang link muna ang isubmit kasi parang sa blogtive ne din sila hehehehe nahingi na din ng text ng post. anyway lahat ba ng review mo dito sa blogitive?

  2. yup, mostly of my reviews diri kay sa blogitive.. hassle lang kay u have to post 2 personal blogs before their every reviews....

    i never got any smorty lately and i have a zero score out of 5 star


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