SuPeRnOvA and SwEeTpAiN: ~ My Medical Experience at St. Luke's Extension Clinic [SLEC] ~ | SuPeRnOvA and SwEeTpAiN
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~ My Medical Experience at St. Luke's Extension Clinic [SLEC] ~

25th February – Edsa Revolution, there were many applicants who were stuck and was told to go back on the next day for the appointment. Because they said that the notice of the Holiday was issued to them very late afternoon last 22nd. Such a bad idea, what we did? My sister Gladys and niece Pretty went to take a walk passing by Bay Walk, US Embassy, up to Luneta Park.

26th February - The second time for me to go back to SLEC. Woke up at 2am for preparation and arrives at St. Luke's Clinic around 4:30am. There were plenty who got there earlier than I am, met new friends namely Carren. I got number 238, Carren was behind me so we get along so well, and we chatted and still meet other K1 cases.

What I have with me:

· Medical appointment [what I brought with me is the printed appointment via online, since I didn't get my packet]

· Passport which will be checked by the guard upon entrance of SLEC

· 2 pcs 2x2 white background picture [no earings for female]

8:00am – the offices was opened and transactions were started

· got waited for our batch number to be called for the reception area

· Got collected my documents, told them I didn't get my packet yet, taken a picture and told me to proceed to 5th floor for payment.

· I didn't noticed the time flies, hurriedly got there and paid the amount of $145 = PHP 5,945, I was told to proceed 3rd floor for chest X-ray, but yet it was still on the 4th floor met another visaya girl with her kid, and I was told that I can do just any of those on the list, its not really in order.

· I got my blood/urine test, x-ray, immunization interview, preceded to 5th floor again for my eyes, height, weight and vital signs.

· When I was called for my PE, I was told to go back after my menses since I did have my 2nd day of period. I left them and went straight home.

28th February - I went back to SLEC for my PE since it's my last period of menses.

9:46am – Arrived SLEC – put receipt @ window A – named was called to proceed to the 5th floor U.S. Counter for my PE.

10:51am – Done with PE & handed forms to me & advised to go to 2nd floor. When I was there I was asked to have some lunch since it will take hours for the result.

12:45pm – Came back & waited for minutes, was called around 1:05 ensue to vaccination room for my vaccine of MMP, & counsel to wait for my name to be called at ground floor.

1:40pm – Name was called @ Counter A given my passport & 2x2 picture, waited again for my name to be called.

2:05pm – Name got called to Window E, they showed me my PDS forms, the picture taken on the 1st day & asked "is this you?" I said "Yes". They asked my middle name, Birth Date, and Age. Handed my X-ray film as well as the document worksheet on my medical and receipt, I was also told that they'll be the one to send the results, passport and pics to the embassy for my interview.

2:30pm – Yoohoo!!! I'm done with my Medical Examination finally.. Thanks to God!!!

3:00pm – Hurriedly proceed to NBI in Sta. Cruz for my renewal, since I got trouble getting a new one in my hometown. After 10 minutes after we got there, I finally got my renewed NBI clearance… woohooo!!! Thank you Lord!!!

This day is such an easy and stress free for me on all the things that I had done. The tense for all the feelings were vanished. Got a BIG SMILE through the rest of the day.

Thanks for reading...

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